Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caramel Apple and Movie Night.


In honor of Reformation Day, since we don't do Halloween, we had a party. It did get bumped up a day, but we are calling it our Reformation Day party anyhow. Because it was our party and we can call it what we want.

I was baking three loaves of bread. Ashlee wanted a heart. So here is Ashlee's heart on a platter, formed with a few bashes and tugs. Try not to take that as a metaphor for life.

Folks started arriving about noon, and we had to get started on the caramel pretty quickly. This was a recipe I used last year, and it is TO DIE FOR! The girls had never done caramel so I handed the recipe and ingredients over to them.

Bringing in back up, for all that constant stirring.

It went just a little past soft ball stage, I could tell by the smell when I came in the room. Remind me to shop for a candy thermometer with a clip on it. But despite the rapidly thickening caramel, they managed to coat them all!

But check out that surface area! I did not buy enough white chocolate to cover that. LOL

Not a problem. They just spread instead of dipped.

Who gets the leftovers.....

And this very generous young man worked tirelessly for hours on getting an old computer running again for Michael. What a blessing!

Everybody loves truffles. And this had a nice surprise. Cayenne pepper. Two tough guys, feeling the heat...

Now we are talking! The final semi-sweet chocolate coat, to be sprinkled with butter brickle bits. We called this "Leah's Dress in A Pan". Silky, yummy, dreamy chocolate, to smooth out all the rough spots on the candied apples and fix every problem that exists in the universe.

Let's see what this young lady is up to...

Mmmmmmmmm. The main dish for tonight - Pumpkin Stew.

Beginning to pile into the room to watch the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice. It was not the typical BBC dry flick, but actually very good.

When people begin to fall asleep on the furniture, yours truly included, you know the evening is being milked for all it's worth. We love each other and I'm so grateful for friends who are like family.

Happy Reformation Day!




  1. Bashes and tugs. Sounds pretty accurate. ;) I love caramel apples!! Maybe I can make a recipe that makes about 4 apples!? LOL! MMM! I loved A&Es Emma mini-series, I'm sure Pride and Prejudice is wonderful! DH hates those kind of chic flicks. I had to watch Emma alone and then he came in at the very end, wondering which character was which. So annoying! Looks like another wonderful party. Off to Wikipedia Reformation Day.

  2. We don't celebrate either, but we used to take our kids out for pizza and a movie or something extra special. And you are so right about friends....we don't know what we would do without 2 very special couples in our lives. They truly are closer than family.

  3. I ate some of my apple today. My jaw and teeth hurt! But it was really good! Happy RD! See you in the morning!

  4. Jo,

    For for apples, I'd either melt down some caramels, or prepare to share a nice dish of soft caramel to friends as extras. They will be grateful. LOL

    Colin Firth was Mr. Darcy in this one. I was surprised at the quality. Happy belated R-Day!


  5. Cyn,

    Pizza night out sounds like a lot of fun. Usually Michael and I opt for bowls of candy for ourselves, popcorn and a movie at home. But lately we've just gotten tired of watching movies.

    I think I will make Reformation Day a tradition. There are actually a lot of people beginning to celebrate it, for the same reasons we did.


  6. Leah,

    Some of that caramel was chewy enough that I expected teeth to be stuck together, but it was sure tasty.

    Actually the consistency turned out perfectly for regular caramels. I just like it as a soft caramel.


  7. What a cool party! Everyone looks like they had a blast!


  8. did u say there was cayene in the chocolate? will you please email me the recipe? now i am hungry!

  9. Hi Faith, just swinging by to see what you are up to or creating. I always enjoy my little peak into your life.

    I hope you are ok. You have not posted in a while.


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