Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adventures Take Many Shapes and Forms.


What began as a beautiful Friday morning...

Quickly took a nasty turn.

The air, when you stepped outside, had that magical quality to it. Michael had gone down to get in some time on the trampoline, "Perfect weather for jumping, Mom". I was chatting on the phone with a friend. I went to hang the phone up and saw a man in the pasture with Michael.

It took me a few seconds to recognize the man I am married to.

I wanted to do a lot of things. But I did nothing except get on my knees and pray. I did make a call to my attorney, to see what my rights were. You see, this man has not been here for 18 months, is completely ignoring a court order of support against him, has not utilized the designated child visitation that was given to him at all, but decided to show up and muscle Michael, alone out in the field.

He spoke to Michael for 20 or 30 minutes, slandering my character and Michael's, and leaving Michael with a feeling of disgust. He told Michael he didn't care what any court order said, even if it meant he had to go to jail, and that he would come here any time he felt like it. Michael was respectful, but told him exactly how he felt. Even through all this Michael was thinking of me. When his dad left, Michael remained where he was standing instead of coming into the house, in case his dad decided to follow him.

I was a bit frazzled for the rest of the day. We had office cleaning and a get-together in town to do that night. Michael in much better shape than I was. But I am learning to let go and rest in the Lord earlier and earlier in crisis situations.

Saturday I would have liked to have taken the day completely off, but since I'd not done the work in the kitchen on my 'frazzled' day, we worked sporadically.

Our spring hens have come into lay. YAY! We have enough eggs to share now. This was two day's worth.

The broom corn vase.

Michael, taking care of worship music business for church this weekend.

How kefired milk looks before you swish it around to mix the curds and whey together and strain out the grains.

Here is three day's worth of growth on the Kombucha SCOBY. The mother has risen to the top and you can see it bumping up underneath the filmy growth of the baby SCOBY. It's doing fine.

Seth, the dog, went nuts and we took this photo of a small equine entourage passing by. Whoever they are, they like to come out in the Autumn, not much other times. Seems like the time of year for it.

No, I don't talk about our horses much, because that aspect of my life is a little frustrating to me, not having time to work with them. But I have them, I love them, and they have always been a formulating factor in the foundation of who I am. I always dreamed of how wonderful it would be to have sets of draft horses. I'd love to ride a Percheron. I even went window shopping a couple of weeks ago online. Google is a lovely place to waste time.

Another office to clean this morning, and windows to wash this afternoon. I hope I can make it to church with Michael.

Better get busy!




  1. Dearest Faith,
    I wanted to cry when I read your post this morning. Your wonderful son, Michael, has many, many fans out here in the blogging world. What an incredible job you have done raising him thus far. We all know none of this is possible without the strong arm of the Lord lifting you up. May HIS grace, mercy, and peace be ever present in your hearts, and may we ALL be that quick to get on our knees in times of trouble.
    Blessings to you, dear friend, on this glorious Sunday morning,

  2. Faith,
    I am so sorry you had to go through that yesterday! Michael is such a good kid...well, I think he is acting more grown up than I could have in that situation! I am praying for you guys daily!!!! I wish for only good things to follow you and Michael.

    On a lighter the sky pics. So cool on your scoby and kefer projects.

    Did I ever mention that my youngest Rachel has the exact marking on her face as Michael does? Weird!

    Love ya! Have a great day!

  3. Sorry about what happened with the husband. It can be unnerving when things like that happen.

    I love the sky pictures! They are beautiful!

  4. ((Oh Faith!)) My stomach just churned reading your post. I prayed for both you and your son. I pray that God will be the daddy that Michael needs in his life.


  5. Cyn,

    Thank you. You are so right. Without Christ I'd be a mess. It is through Him that I can smile and take joy in spite of difficulties.

    May the Lord bless you, as well. I keep thinking about those knees of yours. I pray they will be kind to you very soon, and that your wonderful postings of all the stuff you do will be more frequent.


  6. Lori,

    I think he did a better job than I would have at that moment. LOL He amazes me.

    All you ladies with young girls, this is the guy you want them to marry. But they have to live by me or I'll be all alone! LOL

    I don't think you did. It's so cute. Picture? :o)


  7. Sharon,

    Thanks so much! I am praying the same thing.


  8. SFG,

    Yes, unnerving is exactly how to describe it.



  9. I am so sorry for you with the mess of a man formerly called husband. But the sorry man can say he is growing a strong and caring son. I have always heard, how a son treats his mother is how he will treat his wife. What a dream husband some lucky woman is going to get someday.

    I'm proud of you for not running out there a screaming at him, you really did do the right thing and you and Michael were protected through it all.


  10. Yuck! BTDT so I can totally relate to how it feels. (((hugs)))


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