Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disorganization Leads to Procrastination


I have not had a plan in a while. Life has sort of been happening as I scramble to keep up with it. And without a plan, I tend to not post.

Also, so much of my time has been spent muddling through sewing; something that I am completely over my head in, and I tend to not photograph stuff that I don't think will be helpful to anyone, due to my complete incompetence. However, I need to quit, as there are few better ways to learn than to watch someone else make the mistakes!

I've finished my ballgown bodice and skirts, other than last minute hook and eye placements the week of the ball, and today I'm working on pantaloons and, hopefully, a chemise. I will document the travesty as it progresses.

And, I'd better rectify the lack of entries, as dear friends have been wondering if things are OK, or if I've fallen off the deep end.

Yes, and yes. I've fallen off - more than once, likely - and I'm OK.

So, here's post with a little bit of stuff. I was amazed, just a few moments ago, to discover I'd not taken any photos in 5 days. That may be a record for me!

Remember those caramel apples? I can't resist a shot of one cut open. YUM!

And we went to the theater.

These two dear girls were in a production of Beauty and the Beast. It was wonderful!

We all dressed up like crazy to support them. I even managed to find, under wraps in my closet, an evening gown for the night and it was fun to explore a side of myself that had been buried under farm labor for a time. For a small town, we made quite a fun stir. There is a local resident who is actually a well-known actress. She sat behind us and could not keep quiet about how grand the boys looked.

Beautiful, and beautifully done, ladies. The roses are from their brothers. So sweet.

This guy was AMAZING as Lumierre...

Gaston and his cronies.

OK - and here's the current status of my bodice.

I think I might be able to make one of these on my own now. It has been a long haul, complicated by a variety of things, but once you've made one, it seems so much easier to understand.

Final fitting for the Grand Christmas Ball is in three weeks!




  1. Ok, you absolutely must squeal...who is the well known actress?!?! :) That play looks AWESOME! Nothing beats theater. :) Your bodice is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all done and on you! Oh, and I totally related to the title of your post! Rings true for me as well. :)

  2. Well, for all your nay-saying, I think your bodice looks fantastic! (as does the caramel apple!) It's nice to see you back...

  3. Yup...I was one of the ones concerned about your whereabouts. Not hearing from you via blogland for a few days is like falling off the face of the earth!

  4. Jen,

    If I did, it would give away our location. LOL

    It was a lot of fun, and we were so grateful to have been given tickets to go. What a gift!


  5. Beth,

    Thanks! I sure am learning a lot. I'd like to say quickly, but I don't think that would be true. ;o)


  6. Cyn,

    Funny how we get so settled into knowing each other a bit through blogs... who'd have imagined just 50 years ago that people would know one another in ways like this. I miss your more numerous posts as well, but I sure appreciate all those delicious recipes you've been sharing lately.



I always enjoy hearing from others. If you become a regular commenter, I'll assume you are being friendly and pretty much comment regularly right back. :o) God bless and have a terrific day!