Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kefir Grains / Kombucha - Fermented drinks Part 3


I'm just being busy doing housework today. The house has been sobbing in the night... "It's been so long since you paid any attention to me!"

So today it's getting a lot of attention.

In the mean time, I wanted to show you the changing of the milk in the kefir grains.

So I'll sit on my tuffet and give you the low down.
Here they are, all curds and whey.

Shake them up a bit, to break up the curds.

I'm not going to save this kefir yet, so I'll just let it go down the drain.

The kefir is about the thickness of cream.

Here they are, completely drained.

Back into a new jar.

Don't they look wholesome and good?

Add milk, and back they go to ferment again.

And here is the progress on the Kombucha SCOBY. What's it been, about a week?

The bathroom mirrors and sink are calling....




  1. Looking good - I'm enjoying watching the process. What do they taste like when ready?

  2. You are one amazing woman!


  3. Beth,

    The kefir is sour, like a very tart yogurt. The Kombucha, I am told, tastes a bit like old fashioned hard cider.


  4. Linda,

    Maybe that's what politicians are drinking, because a lot of them amaze me!



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