Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sweet Gifts


Of friends, and from friends. These two ladies are a blessing. They dropped by the other day bringing the gorgeous horse hay over. But just the visit would have been nice enough. Good times.

Ashlee is just beginning her driving career, so we had to get a photo of her getting into her chariot for the day.

But mom, Elaine, drove down to our little barn while I led the way.

And Michael and Ashlee rode in high style.

"Oh!" the girls say, "Is that for us?"

Practicing the Barbie wave.

Moving the Sukkah lumber out of the way.

Smells like a lovely meadow.

The bales were quite light, but I showed Ashlee how to use hay hooks; a leftover from my days of moving 120-140 pound alfalfa bales in baling wire. These light bales with twine are easy to pick up and move with just your hands.

Boy, Gary had really packed these in! Took several of us to get one out of the bottom.

Ashlee taking the first hay treat to the girls.


And did you notice?

X marks the spot!

Follow that, and you are home.




  1. It's been quite a week here, and how I wish I could follow that X and be home!

  2. Faith,
    I didn't know you had horses! Do you and Michael ride?
    That hay looks yummy and horses always have a way of making it sound so good when they're eating it. I can smell it from here, Oops. that's our hay I'm smelling, LOL!

    Now all you need is a few dairy goats or a cow, some poultry and maybe a pig?

    We're getting our feeder pigs next weekend, we were supposed get them this weekend but the farmer and his whle family are sick, sounds like H1N1. It's no big hurry, they grow quick enough and these are heavier than we typically get anyway, 175-200lbs.

    Bless you both and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Cyn,

    I have weeks like that too. I had a DAY like that yesterday! LOL

    Won't be long, Sis, I'm thinking. :o)


  4. Kelle,

    I wish I could say we are riding them, but they arrived 3 years ago in need of training and just when I was seriously getting into it, life changed and training stopped.

    I also have a tendency to not like to do things alone. Michal has not caught the bug yet. I was looking for riding clubs for him back then as well, so it would be more of a peer thing than a mom thing.

    I hope one day to have a horse buddy to do things with. Or at least a horse trailer so I can go DIG UP a horse buddy somewhere. LOL

    I had a herd of 13 dairy goats for a while. What I really wanted was a milk cow. But they got lost in all the chaos as well. I do have chickens. I love to raise pigs as well, but I'd like them to be pasture fed, and I've not got the room. I grew up with pig sties, and they do get messy. It might be more overwhelming for this small place than I'd appreciate.

    Oh, give me land, lots of land, and the starry skies above.....

    I used to love playing with the little piglets when I was a girl. They are so cute. We'd chase them, cuddle them, put them down and go chase another one. Enjoy your feeder pigs while they are still cute!

    Oh, I see they are already a bit past cute. LOL

    Talk to you soon!


  5. Oh I am sooooo glad we don't use square bales of hay anymore. Now all we have to do is start the tractor and move our round bales whenever we want.

    Your horses look good. Your going to have to get back into training them.


  6. I like the square bales, but the round ones do have their blessings, for sure! I don't have a lot of livestock. If I did, I'd probably love using them.

    I hope to get to them soon. :o)


  7. you are surrounded with blessings. i am so happy for you. loved the pics!

    isn't fresh hay one of the most wonderful smells in the world?

  8. Icebear,

    Mmmmmmmm.... yes!

    And leather, and sweet feed, and horses, and peonies, and....

    Too many. LOL



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