Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Rid Your House of Fruit Flies


There is a simple fruit fly trap you can put together with household items in about 5 minutes. Usually in a day, you will have trapped all the fruit flies in your home, provided you put other lures in the fridge, out of range.

Put an inch of water in the bottom of a quart canning jar.
Add about a 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. The purpose is to draw them to the smell.
Put in a drop or two of dish soap to break surface tension and make them unable to walk on water.

Tape together and trim a cone shape to drop into the top of your jar. This funnels them down into the jar, but gives them little room for escape. Make sure there are no gaps between the paper and the neck of the jar. If so, you can add tape.

This is a lifesaver skill!




  1. Hey Faith, thanks for the idea about fruit flies.
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  2. Thanks Kelle!

    I will go and check it out. I don't have 8 subscribers yet, but I will be looking for those who reach out in friendship, as you have. :)


  3. I will have to remember this tip later on in the summer when the house is infested with those buggers!

  4. Cyn,

    They just seem to crawl in through the screens, don't they!



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