Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't You Just Love Spring Skies?


Because yesterday was a little frustrating, I'm starting off the entry with a happy picture. Give me blue skies with puffy clouds and I am a happy camper!

When I crossed off yesterday's first list item, I crossed too soon. We did not get the fixtures in as planned.

Well, we did get them in, twice, and had to take the skimmer out again. We are having the toughest time getting it to seal, and it leaks terribly.

Here are the holes for the skimmer intake and the filtered output.

Cutting them out with a razor blade.

And screwing in the plate as we hopefully anticipate a tight seal.

After two failed efforts and an hour of showers, we lost motivation to go (maybe it was only me) back outside and do it a third time. It's one thing if you know what it wrong. It's quite another to go and redo something when you have absolutely NO idea what you did wrong the other two times, therefore fully anticipate a third failure.

We did get to some weeding in the garden, always good to keep up on that. I got eight large beds done. And right before dark we put in some of the herbs we'd been starting on the back porch. Had to get them out, as something was eating them all!

While chatting with my friend last night, she confirmed that the biggest sign of being stupid is to repeat your actions, expecting a different result each time. LOL

I tried calling a couple of people for help, but had no luck. So I called the pool supply place this morning and was told that I not only needed the rubber gasket, but also two additional gaskets.

OK, sounds fine, except that the pool was fine without the two additional gaskets before! Hmmmmmmmmm.

Here is that filter I worked on the other day to change out the sand.

The whole top of it had to come off the round sand container.

It looks nice and blue and sparkly, but if we don't get the system going soon, it will be nice and green and swampish!

I'm going to use the sand that came out as root starting medium.

The pile we've got to get out of here soon. But I don't think we'll have time until next week.

Planted most of this 3 by 8 foot box in cutting lettuce again. The wire is to keep the cat out of what she believes is her own giant litter box. It's in the shade so I hope we'll be able to grow through the summer.

Michael's Sea Monkey is over an inch long now. It's in one of the gallon pickle jars.

We lost a day of work yesterday messing with the pool. Today is not available due to rain this morning and now getting ready for office cleaning. Tomorrow is our day of rest. Sunday is, well Sunday. Almost always busy.

Sometimes, don't you wish you could just snap your fingers......




  1. Pool looks great! I hope you get the seal problems figured out soon. We had ours all clean and set up and I'll be darned if my little one and her cousin didn't throw a bunch of muddy sand IN the pool! Ugh. I love the sea monkey! I remember those as a kid. Looking forward to hearing how the lettuce does in the shade - I hope it works! Have a great day! :)

  2. You are really a talented person. And the sky looks so warm "sigh"
    Now to get into the pool!


  3. Jennifer,

    Oh, no! LOL Time to vacuum!

    I remember ordering sea monkeys once, after years of wanting them, and the hatch failed.

    I'll shall keep you updated! They did sprout, I noticed, after about 3 or so days.


  4. Linda,

    Thanks, a very nice thing to hear on a day of failings. LOL


  5. Never thought of planting lettuce in the shade....with lots of my perennials dying cause of our harsh winter, I am looking to fill those spots with something we can actually eat!
    Sorry about the pool....our problem is how $$$ it is to run the filter, and the solar panels to warm it up. Not sure what we will do this year. Not to mention the cost of chemicals.

  6. Cyn,

    We'll see how it works out. I figured shade cloth or actual shade - I'll go with what is cheaper. :P

    We don't heat our pool, so often times it's pretty cool for swimming. I've often wanted to build a passive solar heater. I saw one once made out of a simple black wooden box with a glass top, just to get it really hot in there. Then black coiled up hose was inside that the water was pushed through. It came out hot the other end.

    I just did a search and found this cool idea as well!


  7. OMGoodness /i have never seen such a big sea monkey! Get the butter! Kidding Michael!!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement about towing the trailer!
    I hope you get the pool issues fixed soon-and then it will all feel worth it when you can relax and enjoy it.

  9. Just checking in. Did you get the pool system going??? I hope the reason you haven't updated is because you can't figure out how to run the computer from the pool! Storms are rolling in here in the next few minutes. That means (hopefully) the garden will be happy


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