Friday, May 29, 2009

Mowers, Hay Bales and Sunburns.


Despite it being mostly cloudy yesterday, I've got a good sunburn on my kneecaps. That's because I spent about 4 or 5 hours on the riding mower.

Usually I take the push mower and Michael takes the riding mower, but trying to baby my knee, we switched. I wore a sleeveless, knee-length dress, and I'm sporting a sunburn to match.

Not quite done. At the end, I had Michael do the mowing around the wild blackberries at the base of the hill, since he know the rocks better than I do there, and I took over pushing the mower over the paddock. The horses don't eat it down very much since they have relieved themselves in there a lot, and the gate is too small to fit the riding mower through.

That was a lesson to the both of us yesterday. We have three gates, one to the paddock and two to the goat pasture, too narrow for the riding mower, even though they are 4' gates. I think we have a 52" mower deck. All new gates will somehow be wider to save time later.

Spraying kept getting put off due to incoming showers, that seemed to not materialize.

We took a walk into the neighbor's meadow filled with freshly rolled hay bales.

A self portrait.

On our list for today:

DONE - Bible study Genesis lesson #26
DONE - prayer time
DONE - cook eggs in a hat for Michael
DONE - morning animal chores
DONE - straighten house up
DONE - take unused seedlings and peat pots to compost
DONE - spray off front and back porches
DONE - vacuum out van
DONE - wash van
*RAIN- spray fungicide grapes
*RAIN- spray RoundUp along goat, paddock and horse pasture fences
DONE - pick bush cherries
DONE - weed herb and flower beds
DONE - work on rocks for an hour
DONE - finish mowing paddock
DONE - mow part of goat pasture
DONE - wash exterior house windows
DONE - mark out adjusted post placement for greenhouse
- re-pot houseplants
DONE - run errands
DONE - visit mom and dad
DONE - pick up clippings
DONE - prepare meals for shabbat rest day

Taking bets on how much we get done! LOL




  1. holy cow i am tired just reading that list!!!! I don't feel good tonight. I am not doing anything.

    I like the king of the mountain routine!

  2. Aw, so sorry you are feeling yucky! I don't blame you for taking a rest. Tomorrow is our rest day. I'm already fighting the urge to go out and finish the mowing and spraying. It will have to wait.

    I'm gonna run over to your blog and see if you posted anything.


  3. MMMM! I love the freshly mowed bales! It means it's summer time! It looks so funny to see the machines pick up the rows and spin them into bales. It looks like they are cleaning the field with a huge vacuum!

  4. I kept meaning to watch him bale. Every time the thing made that racket, I jumped. I'm from the land of square bales, so these round ones are pretty impressive.



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