Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sewing class was a hodge-podge of activity. I spent most of the time cutting out patterns and drawing out a couple of bodice patterns for myself on poster board. Then I helped some boys work on a vest.

Others were working on skirts..




OK, if boys hold still long enough while girls have hair things... you know what happens. This was cutting out the vest.

And doing some ironing of the pockets to be installed....

And sewing lapels together...

A few of us gathered together afterward at a home and just enjoyed a meal together, let the kids play Air Soft and ride horses, and visited, shared some recipes and gardening news. We had a lot of laughs talking about our kids and funny memories.

Then we took off to do a little shopping at the home improvement center on the way to the Boy Scout activity, which was meeting at the college disc golf course.

I had the opportunity to chat for a while with the scout leader, who is a soil science professional, and learned some things about the local soil I did not know. Very interesting stuff.

We came home and did chores in the dark and began siphoning out the pool so we can change out the liner today. YAY!

List today? After Bible study, chores, breakfast and stuff...

DONE - Remove pool liner
DONE - Replace pool liner
DONE - Remove old filter sand
DONE - Replace sand in pool filter
DONE - Refill pool
- Install pool fixtures
- Spray back pasture fence line
- Weed garden
DONE - Pick peas
DONE - Pick cherries
DONE - Pick strawberries and runners

Since these are all kind of big, I'm holding it off there. We've got to leave early for our home group tonight.

Looking forward to cool waters!




  1. How fun! The dresses are beautiful. Are they being made for a special event?

    I don't know how to sew, other than basic mending, piecing quits squares and crafts, but Cortney and I are now going to be tutored by a friend's Mom, YAY! I can hardly wait!

  2. WOW! That look's like some pretty advanced sewing! Is it a costume making class? I suck at sewing clothing. I never even managed to draft a sloper. I'll stick to quilting and cutting out squares!

  3. Kelle,

    It's a lot of fun, yes, we are making them for Civil War Re-enactments balls.

    I didn't know much more than that either. I'm just learning.

    How wonderful that you get to learn to sew! I'm looking forward to seeing your projects and hopefully, I can learn from what you are doing. :)


  4. Jo,

    I don't know if it's advanced sewing or not. LOL Shows how little I know on the subject.

    Our home school group is hosting Civil War Balls and we use it for fun, for learning to sew, for historical education, and connecting to the community.

    LOL I have NO idea what drafting a sloper means, so you must be way more advanced than me. :P


  5. Faith I am so impressed that boys are willing to learn how to sew. They will be surprised how often that comes in handy. I don't own a sewing machine and don't know where I would fit in the time to sew but I love home made long cotton white sleep gowns. They are my favorite. I have made several.

  6. Tracey,

    Those remind me of the chemises we have to make for the undclothes. I will be making some better petticoats and under things this time around.

    The last ball I just quickly through together some pantaloons made of two pillow cases, just the morning of the ball. I love the pretty things some have made so much that I am looking forward to making some.

    If you ever post things you've sewn, I will really enjoy seeing them! :)



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