Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Weekend of Celebrations!


We had our home school graduation celebration on Saturday, and a bridal shower on Sunday. So it was filled with good times with friends.

Our home school group has about 60 families and is very active. It has been a wonderful thing in our lives. Even though Michael is not a graduate of either the high school or middle school groups, there was no way we were going to miss joining in the celebration!

A really wonderful message was given by the already graduated son of some dear friends of ours.

And live music was part of the service as well.

Afterwards we went to a party for one of the graduates who is very special to our hearts. We used our lazy sabbath Saturday to make her a card while we kicked back and watched a movie. I am not into scrapbooking - too smart to get into something that I know good and well would be addictive LOL - but those little decorations are perfect for making cards.

I took an image from the internet and faded it out, then printed it up for the inside of the card. We really had a good time making it and it was nice to make it more personal.

At the party, where we ate, chatted, and played Guesstures and Taboo, I asked if there was anything I could do to help the next day at the bridal shower and my friend, who was planning it, asked if I could come up with some games.

Well, I love games, so I spent some time on the internet and found a few.

One that is not really a game, but close, and very helpful to the bride-to-be, is to buy thank you cards for the bride. Hand out the envelopes to each party-attender and have them address the envelopes. These are put into a drawing, and the winner gets a prize. In this case a quick-start basil planting kit. The envelopes and cards are then presented to the bride so that she will not have to find addresses as she is already swamped with things to do planning for the wedding. Nifty, huh?

Turned out a friend and I wore the same shoes.

In this game you hand out pens, hardback books, and paper. You have everyone sign the bottom right corner without telling them why. Then you announce that as a gift to the bride they will all draw a picture of how beautiful she will look on her wedding day.

As the groans begin to grow, put the book and paper on your head and demonstrate that this is how it will be done. They enjoyed this and the bride got some silly mementos.

Played a game where you sat everyone in a circle, put a few gifts out amongst them, and read a wedding story that had a lot of "right" and "left" throughout. Each time the words were read, the gifts had to be passed in that direction. At the end, whomever had the gift got to keep it. In retrospect, I think there should be one gift for every 3 or 4 players. I did not have enough going around to keep everyone busy passing, with only 3 in about 20 players.

I had a few other games we did not end up playing, but it was good to have extras. The last one was to dress up the bride. Armed with newspaper, tin foil, tissue, tape and scissors, four teams each took up the mission to design one of the following: skirt, bodice, sleeves, and headpiece.

After 15 minutes it was time to dress the bride.

Beauty hurts.

You may now place the ring on Mr Right's finger.

The happy couple!

Look at the detail of that heart headpiece. I completely missed that until now.

Will the real Mr Right please stand up?

Fun! Off to sewing class again today. Then we'll spend time with friends, then Boy Scouts tonight. Long day.




  1. Yay! You guys are coming over today! :-)

  2. I love the "dress the bride" game! We did something similar with toiloet paper and tissue paper for our oldest daughters shower a couple years ago.
    We are going to a homeschool grad's open house this week...brings back memories!

  3. This was a great post! And I like your Birds and Bees and Asparagus post also.


  4. Kasie,

    We had such a lovely time, as always. :)


  5. Cyn,

    We did the TP one for my daughter's shower. Once the entire planet has exhausted this game, we'll have to come up with a new one. LOL

    Gladly, all the games were new to most everyone. :)


  6. Linda,

    Thanks! Gotta run and see what I've missed at your farm lately!



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