Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sea Monkeys!


Michael has been sick since Thursday. Yesterday, being our usual sabbath day of rest anyhow got him to thinking about our tradition of pulling out a craft or activity from the studio on Saturday afternoon. His choice was to grow another batch of troips, or what I used to know as Sea Monkeys, from the backs of comic books as a child. They should be hatching by Monday if they work. I'll post pics. Try not to fall off the edge of your lawn chair in suspense. LOL

I have figured out how to drag and drop pictures in a larger format here, using my Flock browser. I do like this browser, though I've heard that Firefox has an extension that is almost the same. I don't want to try another extension. My computer has about (__) this much room left...

Gardening successes and failures are coming to the forefront.

We started the last herbs we had in seed last week and these little guys are coming up. Aren't these German Chamomiles cute?

I did do a quick deadheading on my one fragrance-free peony by the studio.

Thanks to Tracy at Peaceful Acres We are trying to save a little money by finishing out our potato bins in straw. I'd heard of growing in straw but didn't think of applying it to potato bins. The bins are new to me, so it's an interesting experiment.

Blackberries and grapes are all pruned and tied up.

Flowers on the wild blackberries are white, these Doyle's are very light lavender.

The sunflower cutting garden. We're succession planting.

Not confident in our first pumpkin planting, in which we followed instructions for a 12" high hill in the garden, we dug a spot in a well fertilized area of the pasture and replanted. The stakes are high now in our competition. If we win, the other family has to dress up for the Christmas Ball.

An overview of the garden. Really a slow start this year.

Our first flush of Sugar Snap Peas.

Our second and third plantings.

We put in new melon seed one week ago. They are actually coming up this time. I think our spring was just too cool and moist for them. I'm so glad we are getting melons!

The summer squash are not doing well at all. The weather kept us from planting and I've read that if they stay in the pots too long before transplanting they will bloom far too early for their size. Just like this.

Michael gets 30 minutes a day for computer games. He doesn't use them up sometimes as we are so busy, but he got to use some saved minutes while sick on Saturday.

Where we went outside to enjoy perfect weather and work on our seasonal to-do list.
You can see, the front yard has had nothing done to it. The soil is awful. Some day! :)

Me, sporting that bruise from falling down while chasing the filly.

Seth, the Faithful Doggy.

Our initial lists, to be added to as we find the need. Don't know if you can read them. I'd like to put a list at the side of my blog that I can cross off here, if anyone can tell me how to do that.

Now that my list is done, I'm a lot happier!




  1. I hope Michael is feeling better.
    I do remember those Sea Monkeys. I have seen any in years. Can't wait to see yours.

    Ya'll have really been busy around your place.
    It all looks so good!

    Thank-you for your visit and comment on Belle.
    Have a great day.

  2. Hey Faith! I think you have an awesome huge!!!
    I might be able to help you with the sidebar list, but it would be easier in a phone call. Here is my e-mail, if you would want to do that.
    Trust me, I am SO not computer savvy, but I do know how to add stuff to the sidebar. (that might be all I know how to do!)

    My cell phone is free on weekends and after 9pm weekdays, so I could call you and walk you through it...maybe!

  3. Under layout, there is an "Add a gadget" and you can add a list there.

    woohooo I love Sea Monkeys. Your blackberries are so beautful!!
    I hate that you have a bruise. Silly mares! From the beginning they are stuborn.

    Everything is looking beautiful. I need a reliable mower and weedeater to get mine looking pretty again.

  4. Peggy,

    I'll let you know how much I love them when I harvest. :)


  5. Pam,

    Not yet, but I think he will tomorrow. He was awfully tired after we had to work today at a cleaning job.


  6. Cindy,

    Thanks! You'll be hearing from me! LOL


  7. Tracey,

    I hear you. We only just got a reliable mower the year before DH left us, so I feel lucky on that part.

    I have two weed eaters than don't work, and two chain saws that don't work. The horses mow most of it, and we weed spray the rest so the place looks better.


  8. Faith...
    I think you should title your new list: LIST GONE WILD!" Glad you figured it out.
    You can also make your blog real fancy by using some of those free backgrounds from "cutest blog on the block", or the one I use (in the upper left corner of my blog, blogfairy or something like that.) It is really easy to do...almost as simple as adding your "list". If you have any ???, e-mail me again...I'd be glad to help.

  9. Ok I want your secret because there is an item on your list that I don't think is possible. Killing Bermuda Grass. I swear it is not possible.

  10. Also on the windows for the cold frames....lots of people are taking advantage of the new tax deductions for insulated windows. Call a window company and ask if you can have some free old wood framed windows.

  11. Cyn,

    Yes, I'd love to make my blog nicer looking. :) I'll have to check out those links and plead for help if I don't get it. Thank you for the info. I had Xanga mostly figured out, and blogger is weird to me. LOL


  12. Tracey,

    I have no secret. I'm hoping it will come to me as needed. :P When I first bought this place, there was a small patch of Bermuda right at the top of the driveway - almost like some fool had planted it there to hold the earth better on the slope.

    Now it's spread to a good 50 or more feet from there and taking over my crop area. It's moved through my figs and down to my asparagus.

    Boy, that's a TERRIFIC idea on those windows, I had not thought of that! However, a friend of mine has already said I could have about 15 house windows that have been sitting in her barn for years.

    I don't know that I'll build that many, I may just go with 5 or 6.


  13. Faith,

    We have more in common than our lists...we have the same tan lines on our feet! LOL....Hubby makes fun of me for sporting flip flop tan lines... but I mostlt freckle and burn everywhere I am proud of them.:0)

  14. "Don't mock the flip-flop!"

    LOL Another nice thing. When I accidentally walk in poison ivy it's easier to wash my feet and flip-flops together than it is to try to get the stuff off my work shoes.



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