Friday, May 22, 2009

To Do List - Three Days Old


Wednesday morning we made our first list of the season.

This is front and back of last year's major projects. We also had sub lists, but Michael gets as much pleasure as I do on crossing them off, so we had fun.



I have always been a list person, and it might surprise you to know this is my first one, but honestly, I'VE BEEN TOO BUSY TO EVEN MAKE A LIST YET!

Things have slowed down enough that we can sit down, take a pencil and paper and casually write down what needs to be done that day.

It's usually a wish list, if all goes well. Keeps us motivated. We hit a few snags so this list actually to til today to finish.

Buy: Straw Bales, Fungicide, Sprayer

Plant: Corn (again), Pumpkins (again), Brassicas (changed my mind on filling in the missing ones. They are planted close enough already.

Prune Grapes (took 5 hours, not 2)
Tie Grapes
Talk to vineyard owner
Spray grapes with fungicide

Prune tame Blackberries
Tie Tame Blackberries
Fertilize Blackberries

Weed spray along fence lines

Check Cherry progress. (Oh no! Is that black rot?)
Check Gooseberries (doing well)

Strawberries: pick fruits, pinch runners, pull weeds

Pick up rocks (Lots of places, we just worked for 2 hours.)
Mow around house, garden, greenhouse and crop areas.
Take clippings to compost bin.

Build next potato bin level
Add straw to potato bins

Water garden.

So yesterday while we were house cleaning for income, Michael begins coming down with a bug. Yup, he's sick. So we took it easy today. I was tired of eating junk food because I'm too busy to find food, so I went on a refrigerator rampage. The whole thing got cleaned out. It's clean, I know what's in there, and I know where it is!

We were supposed to go clean an office and do our window washing job today, but Michael is too sick and it takes the both of us 4 hours to do it. So that will wait until Sunday when he's better.

We will also miss our usual Friday get together with friends, and we had another on Saturday to play music, but I suspect we'll be missing that as well.

It's very strange to be home. I'm going to wash my hair, I hope to cut Michael's hair, and we are going to - YES - clean up the house so we can really enjoy our day of rest which will begin at sundown tonight. (I realize most people don't consider housework relaxing, but to us, it's like a day off! LOL ) We might even make a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials and some well-deserved ice cream.

Missing a cow and my ice cream maker...




  1. I love it! I am a list person as well. Matter of fact, I will re-write lists over and over when I add more to them. When I saw your list.... I thought Oh MY... that looks like mine! :0)

  2. Oh, yeah. The more times you write them, the nicer they get. LOL

    Why don't people understand that....?



  3. I, too, am a list maker, but unfortunately much of the stuff on my list gets carried over into the next days list. Then the excess gets carried over again, and the whole list thing snowballs on me! But it sure feels good to cross off the stuff that DID get done!

  4. I am so sorry Michael is sick. I hope he feels better by tomorrow. I am also sorry I haven't been around much. I worked 30 out of the last 48 hrs and worked so late last night I had to get a room rather than make the hour drive back. Hopefully will have most of the weekend off.

  5. Cyn,

    I know exactly what you mean. For two months now, we've had so much to do that making a list was just not even possible. It was like everything was an emergency, and we picked the biggest emergency to handle at the moment.

    Oh! A pun ~~ A Spring EMERGency. Yeah. LOL


  6. Sweethearts Mom,

    Yeah I've missed you. I keep asking myself, maybe it seems you were around more since I spent a day catching up on all your posts. LOL

    30 out of 48 hours. You need a cool drink and a porch swing. (((Hug)))


  7. I LOVE lists. I love them so much that if I do something NOT on the list, I add it afterwards so I can scratch it off. I love looking at my lists and seeing all the scratched off chores - and then anything NOT scratched off gets added to the new list the next day. Lists are wonderful things - they help keep me some what organized and focused, and give me deep satisfaction at the end of the day to see what I accomplished.

  8. Basic Living,

    LOL Me too! Too funny!

    I think it's just the sense of knowing you accomplished something.



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