Thursday, May 28, 2009

With Baited Breath..... Really.


Yeah, this smells like bait. Here is the single troip (Sea Monkey) that survived the hatch. Wonder if he'd taste good boiled and served with melted butter....?

Went outside to spray and Michael's cat, who has been demoted to an outdoor cat due to the hair factor, was lounging with some sort of tag afixed to her fur.

I feel like I live in a toxic soup.... But at least we will get food from the garden this year.



Here is the worst vine with the black rot. See how the spores are even in the vines, not just the leaves. I am doing the best I can to spray in between the rain showers, but we are getting so many of them...

We finished planting the cutting flower bed. Not too many, but it's only our first effort on this place. That lowest bed is succession planted sunflowers, then cosmos and annual 'babies breath'. At the end of it and a little of the row above are marigolds and daisies which I will transplant into the vegetable garden to encourage good insects.

Beautiful skies. I love spring skies in the south.

The neighbor was working hard to rake and bale the meadow next door before the next burst arrived.

And we finally planted beans around the corn, for our three sisters planting. Had to do a little weeding first.

We also planted radishes, parsnips, carrots, and turnips between other crops.

We have been home a lot this week. Swim team for Michael's home school is over for summer, we simply FORGOT to look at the clock and missed his Boy Scout meeting. Our usual Friday get together is not happening this week as everyone has something else going. But we had a really wonderful time at our usual home group last night. A dear family is going to come by and help us put in the pool liner next week, so we need to pick a day. And we got some help financially. We don't even usually have to ask, we just go about our days. It seems the Lord always puts it on someone's heart to help us when we need it, without even asking. So Michael, who used to be quite frightened about what would happen to us, no longer feels that way. He told me that he has seen that God takes care of us, even when things look scary.

Yup, Michael. I am discovering the same thing.




  1. His comfort is also coming from you. (And God, I don't make light of that) But you are facing life squarely and calmly and setting such a fine example that he is able to heal.

    Good for you girl!


  2. Faith,
    All I can add is Amen! We see the Lord's blessings everyday, they may be small, they may be large but they are there if you are looking.
    I remember a time when going through major medical with Cortney and money was tight, very tight. I had used the last of the milk( this was before we had this place) and I remember praying that if the Lord wanted us to have milk he'd have to provide it. Literally 2 hours later a friend arrived and asked me to come outside to her car. She opened her trunk and pulled out 3 gallons of milk! She said they were close to expiring and asked the store manager to give her a discount if she bought all 6 gallons and he did, 1/2 price! She also said a strong feeling that she should share with us, as she didn't have room for all 6 gallons in her frig anyway. I still get teary eyed, choked up and goose bumps when I tell of this blessing. There are many, many other blessings just like those. God does answer our prayers, you just have to be open to the fact it may not be as we expect.

  3. Yes, indeed the Lord is faithful. We are waiting on some major miracles this week, with many bill past due, and no income to speak of.
    Your garden looks wonderful, and will be a huge blessing for you this summer!

  4. Thank you, Linda. :)


  5. Kelle,

    You know, I cannot remember a time when any of my Christian family has ever gone to bed hungry, with nothing available to eat. I hear story after story just like yours.

    Just when you realize you can do nothing more... that's when God provides. He wants us to know Him; to understand that He will take care of us. Unfortunately, that usually only happens when we are in the deepest need, otherwise we'd never know it was Him.


  6. Cyn,

    Uh-oh! You too? Well, we shall see what the Lord does in both our cases, won't we!

    I've had to talk to a few creditors lately. I nearly lost my fingers in a skill saw accident last autumn. With no insurance, I as the recipient of quite a few medical bills and no way to pay them. Fortunately, they seem to be willing to take even small payments these days. So I am grateful.


  7. Yep,
    Faith that is what I discovered last year. I felt an urging to quit my job as a nurse and work the farm with hubby full time. It was a very scarey leap of faith...but I closed my eyes, took a step forward.. and leapt. It is scarey to do when you cant see where your going. But God is there... ESPECIALLY through the scarey times. And Like you...we have never had to want for anything. God is perfect and just. I have found that if you follow the path he puts you in front of... He will be there each step of the way.

    I felt so proud of Michael when you said what he said. He is becoming the man of your house! WHat a brave boy!!!! :0)


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