Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Great Sewing Tip for Newbies - the Black Widow


Yesterday we had our sewing meeting. The teacher, our dear friend who took a much-needed vacation, had left and put me in charge. HA! But fortunately, with instructions that turned out to be a lot of sitting around a table with friends, just cutting and taping!

She buys patterns then makes them last a long time by transferring them to poster board, labeled, and hanging them, so they last forever with re-use. We had a pattern that she wanted transferred to paper, in all the sizes so she could help us make whatever size we needed.

The bodice pattern came in 10 sizes, from 8 to 26, and each size had an option of B, C, or D cup. So with 30 patterns to cut out all together - poster board was out of the question. Instead we were given copies to tape together and cut out.

I wish I'd have remembered my camera for you to see the mad chaos that ensued with hands speeding along, "Oooops! I need tape again!" and paper flying everywhere, but you'll have to just see some of the aftermath that I took this morning.

I did buy my own poster board so I can have a permanent pattern for myself. I imagine I will be needing to make several bodices over the years, and this pattern is a good basic one to elaborate on.

Here's half of the stuff we cart back and forth to the sewing meeting every Tuesday morning.

While loading up for sewing, Michael had to UNLOAD again the van, which is always in a perpetual state of gobs of stuff going in and out of it. We had these bags of lawn clippings in there for a day and a half. Michael was loading them into the wheelbarrow to haul them down to the compost pile when he noticed he'd been picking up a black widow spider along with them! Bad news.

I knew there was a reason for this tiny little bat!

Oops. Didn't quite get a dead on shot...

Isn't this photo sweet? One of my friends at sewing meeting misses her dad very much. She often wears his old shirts of which she kept a few after he passed a couple of years ago. She had a small photo of her mom and dad from 1955 which she hopes to put into an 8 by 10. So I took it home, since I am blessed with a very nice camera, and took a close-up for cropping and sending in. It would be better with some touchups, but I ran out of time yesterday.

All of our herb seeds are coming up now. These are the last of the ones we are starting in peat pots. The seeds were so tiny I did not want to direct sow and lose in all the weeds. So we have German Chamomile, Greek Oregano, Summer Savory, Winter Savory, Caribe Cilantro, Lemon Balm, Lemon Catnip, Broadleaf Sage, Anise, and Fernleaf Dill. I really wanted licorice, but it was out of stock everywhere I shopped for seed. Here's the dill.

Our indoor/outdoor lettuce experiment. We hoped the trays would grow indoors, but even though this house is very bright, it's still not enough for growing without the plants stretching for the windows. So they are outside now. These are my two that are doing the best, can't think of what they are called.

And most of the rest.

And some leftover celery that I have no idea what will happen, but we're going to keep watering it and see.

And this salad is so good in the summer. Healthy, light, refreshing, sweet, and makes a meal if need be. I know you've all made this before, but I thought I put out a reminder in case you'd not made it in a while.

Jello Waldorf Salad

1 large tart apple
1.5 cups chopped celery
1 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Mix them up in a bowl, and pour over them one large box of prepared, quick-set orange or peach jello; just enough to cover. Chill and enjoy.

Now that it's gone, I've got to make something else.




  1. Whoa girl! You put me to shame!
    1st off, I just tried making a blouse from a really simple pattern last week.(cause a really simple pattern is all I am able to do!) Followed the instructions exactly. Checked the finished size for my body. Chose to cut out to the size 16, as my b--bs are too big for my body. End result...blouse way too tight across the b--bs. I wanted to cry. And now I will have to buy another pattern to make another one that is bigger. Waa.
    On the other hand, my garden is looking nice!

  2. I like the idea of the poster board for cutting out the patterns!
    I used to use a heavy brown paper bag(like the grocery stores used to use.) Then they went to plastic or thin paper. I use my reusable cloth grocery bags now.

    I hate to admit I didn't even plant my herbs this year. I have an almost empty raised bed, I may put a few out this week.

    Your lettuce is looking good.

    Have a great day.

  3. Cyn,

    I am just learning to sew, but I thought that was a really neat idea, so I'm going to take advantage of it.

    I have a tendency to "build" things, so when I sew, I more or less make it up and think of how pieces go together, often just pinning it to myself to figure it out. I'm glad I'm actually learning some real techniques.


  4. Pam,

    Yeah, that's what our teacher had us use at first, brown paper, like you get on a roll, box wrapping or something?

    I'm excited about having an herb bed. I hope I actually use it. LOL


  5. lol farmgirl isn't that every mans dream woman??


    Hey I have a friend with a print shop who can put that photo on a t shirt so let me know if that is ever something you want to do for her.

  6. Tracey,

    We got another BW under the strawberry fabric if you wannna come and take out some frustrations on it. :D

    What a nice idea! I'll mention it to my friend.



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