Monday, September 6, 2010

A Week In the Life


Done playing catchup with this entry. Today is going to be an outdoor work day, so I want to get on it pretty quick.

Sunday we finally met at the new location for our fellowship. Last week was filled with work days there to get it in shape.

The big showroom windows were covered with paint. Hi, Georgia!

This took a lot of paint and a lot of people.

The young men worked on a little last minute construction.

Among other things... I cleaned windows.

We've got chairs!

Looking good!

I brought my camera, but after church on Sunday I forgot to get it out, so I've got not pics of the finished product yet. Hopefully this week.

Before church, we had to get a window washing job done. The sky through the domed archway.

I'm not even going to try to set any goals today. Not doing that is a little frustrating to someone like me who is very goal oriented, but life has been so crazy busy lately that setting them and not getting them done is leading only to disappointment. So we'll just start working and see what happens!

I have the windows open, and the air is actually a bit cold. I'll still take it as we've been closed up in here for far too long.

Fresh air and blue skies!



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