Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shabby Chic Table Project - August 31, 2010


This table project is turning into a very long entry on my to do list. First we had lots of rain and I could not work on it outside, then it got too hot to work on the deck in the afternoons, then we were were just so busy.

However, now I've got a string of nice weather in the 80's for the most part. I'm going to get this table done!

The tornado munched it pretty good. I had almost come to the conclusion of not even doing the table, but only working on the chairs. The top was only laminate anyhow and I was not thrilled with trying to fix that up.

Then I found THIS at a thrift store! And oak table top!

Can I hear a big Hooray! for the 5 bucks?

Only one problem...

All the way across...

Wow. I had somehow missed that when I bought it. Maybe it was not all the way apart then, but bit the big one on the ride home, I don't know.

No problem! That's what carpenter's glue is for.

Never mind. That's so old, it's a solid mass of rubber in there.
But I have more!

It's a little separated. I need a stirring stick...

On a side note -- I used to do my nails all the time. I don't any more because after a day they look like that photo above and I just don't have the time to keep doing them.

Now we are ready to go.

It's glued now, and ready for the next step. Tomorrow.



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