Friday, September 10, 2010

Potting Up the Fig Cuttings


With my trusty little two-dollar-battery-cover-keeps-falling-off calculator, I deduced that the fig cuttings had enjoyed quite enough hibernation and were ready to emerge from winter break.

I love the internet. You can find a 100 experts on one subject who will tell you 100 different ways to do something, and 900 non-experts who pose as experts, copying and pasting the same instructions on 900 different sites.

Here's one that looked plausible.

Great! I can do that! I have gobs of stored, 4-inch pots in my shelves of the tool shed, and a lovely heavy-duty platter on which I can place them for handy packing around the house as they get in the way first in one place and then the other.

Wonder of wonders. The pots are not there. Maybe I was thinking of 3-inch pots. Ah well, no matter. I can make do with those.

Then, catastrophe. My beloved, cherished, sturdy, HUGE, had-it-since-I-don't-know-when and have-no-idea-where-I-got-it-either ugly platter is missing. I mean completely gone! Those kinds of things are too big to just get up and walk away. I'd have heard it clattering across the floor!

Either someone has clandestinely stolen it, or I transported heavily laden dishes of hot food to a potluck somewhere and somehow managed to forget "my precious". (Pathetic sobbing)

I don't know if I can get over this.

On to replacement technology. Big ugly plastic bowls. I knew I bought them for some reason.

I sing to the branches, so they believe it is spring...

"The hills are alive with the sound of music..."
"I love Paris in the springtime..."
"Here comes Peter Cottontail..."

I take them out gently and carefully.

Then I cut them to little bits.

And bury them.

And your little friends, too!

Now fully buried and placed in a light room, above 70 degrees. Treat them as you would vampires. Very carefully, and without direct sunlight.

Gardeners; always burying things they love.

Then I enjoyed Yom Teruah and played with photography all day. Very non-productive, but good for the soul!




  1. When the heck IS fig season, anyway? I was able to get a tiny pint of them weeks ago, and now they are no where to be found. Course, I don't think they grow round these parts, but that's what trucks are for!!!

  2. It is good to see that on top of everything your good humor remains intact. I never prayed for figs in the dark before, but I love new things.
    Be blessed, norm

  3. Cyn,

    Mid-summer for the first one, and late fall for the second, if your growing season is long enough.

    Figs are too soft and squishy to be shipped. Only if you had a local tree could buy any. All those figs you saw in my post the other day, were actually picked upripe. The ripe ones will spoil within 12 hours, the unripe ones within a day. So shipping is not very feasible.

    It's a shame, because fresh figs taste a thousand times better than dried. Yum!


  4. Norm,

    The cuttings could probably use it.


  5. I have heard of Fig Neutons, and read about figs in the Bible, but what do you do with them? What do they taste like?

    Are they for pies or do you eat them like raisins?

  6. lol, glad to see your humor blooming again in the last few posts! *hug*

  7. Chai Chai,

    Figs are best eaten absolutely fresh, and there is really nothing like them. A fig newton will give you a vague taste of what a fresh fig is like, but not really. You just pop one whole, into your mouth and enjoy it's gooey goodness.


  8. Icebear,

    Oh, is that what you were talking about? LOL My humor has been fully intact all along, I've just been too busy to express it a lot lately.

    It's been either blog and run, or just plain RUN!


  9. I hope you don't mind but I nominated you for an award, please visit my blog for details.

  10. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this. What zone are you in. I'm not brave enough or have time enough so I'll just take the time to read other people's blogs on how to grow things like figs.

  11. Gramma,

    I'm in 6b. Hardy figs are on the edge of production here, only if you protect them. They are worth it though!



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