Sunday, September 5, 2010

Of Boy Scouts and Balls - August 28, 2010


But first, a couple of nights before was the final night of the young ladies study on "Preparing to Be His Help Meet". So we snapped a quick photo. Several of the participants were not there, but it was great to have spent that time over the last few months.

And the next day was lots more peppers, eggplant and melon to harvest and do something with.

I had planned on eating a couple of melons from the one plant that had not fared so well against the rains, but alas, they were not ripe enough. However, when I cut them open I found this surprise...

Even though still unripe, the seeds inside had begun to sprout. Not a smidge of sunlight in there, yet the sprouts were a beautiful green. Go figure. Were they obtaining chlorophyll from the main plant stem?

I have seen other seeds do this, but this is the first time I've seen it in unripe fruit and the sprouts a green color. Interesting!

Our Civil War Dance and Historical Society hosted an evening ball out of doors on the grounds of a presidential boyhood home.

It was really nice. I've used the grounds for photo shoots before as well as just finding an out of the way place in the midst of town to relax and enjoy a little nature.

There were re-enactments going on all day, which we did not go to, and by the time the ball took place, about dusk, the crowds had vanished and only boy scout troops were left.

I whiled away some time taking photos.

Then the dancing began...

The scouts love this because, according to tradition, girls are not allowed to say no. Unless they are definitely done dancing for the night. And they are not allowed to remain with one dancing partner. So after the initial trepidation of last year's Scout Ball, they discovered that dancing does not mean rejection, but plain and simple fun!

It grew darker...

Maddie was able to come to the ball after all, and she looked all the part of a southern belle.

Ghosts of dances present...


A lovely evening to you. Goodnight!




  1. I've seen tomatoes sprout inside like that, but never anything else. It's quite neat I think.

    Those dresses are beautiful.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool, too.

    Almost all those dresses were made by the wearers. We did a lot of sewing for a year. It made for great memories.



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