Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hangin' Out and Big Lots Whatevers


Enjoying the outdoor holiday setup while we can. I'm not sure this canopy will ever be able to be reused again.

Doing our algebra.

Notice the little firecrackers within easy reach.

The smell of BBQing burgers.

Also a little cleanup duty.

We went blueberry picking last week as well. We all look forward to the season, meeting at the farm and enjoying searching out the perfect berries. I didn't take the camera, but I got this photo of some delicious muffins that were presented at our get-together on Thursday night.

You know what I love about Big Lots? You can just stop by for an adventure any time you feel like it. There is almost always something you can find in there that you've never seen before and have a little fun with it.

This is plain water, but flavored with honeydew and hibiscus. It reminded me of the islands so I grabbed an old painting of mine and posed it. You don't notice anything until after you swallowed. Then the aftertaste is mildly sweet and floral.

We seem to have won the Japanese beetle war, but now grasshoppers are all over the fruit trees. Good thing I found this warrior there. I'm not sure I liked the way he turned his head to follow me as I walked all around the tree...

This may be why the grasshoppers are in the fruit trees. This is the lawn.

Can you tell the spigot leaks?

We caught up with our friend and gun instructor this week at a slab-laying party, who gave Michael a quick lesson on cleaning and troubleshooting (no pun intended) this old rifle. So we had some target shooting practice.

The drought is getting pretty bad. This is the first cutting of the year, and the neighbor barely got anything from the field.

We finally got a couple of tenths yesterday. Just a teaser.

Hoping for more!




  1. The water bottle itself is beautiful!
    Don't you just love those praying mantis'? We found a couple of baby ones in the pool...still alive. I took them out and they just sat on the deck, turning their heads so funny! They look like teeny tiny robots, the way they move!
    Grasshoppers are everywhere here, too. Can you imagine the locust plague??? YIKES!

  2. Cyn,

    Aw. I'm guessing they don't swim very well. lol

    I sure can imagine it. They would consume everything in sight! Today is Shabbat, but tomorrow... is spraying again.



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