Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Independence From Tyranny Day!

. what I said to everyone in town this year. Some folks looked at me quizzically, others practically high-fived me.

It was a terrific weekend. We did our office cleaning in the morning, and then spent the day getting ready for guests. Lots of cooking and excited preparations.

A firepit for s'mores, if desired.


Canopy on the lawn. You just can't do Independence Day indoors.

You can see the area I watered, and compare it to how dry it is elsewhere.

Here, some of the girls put together the cherry pie.

It was both festive AND yummy!

Some of the guys played video games for a while.

A little air hockey.

I am risking my own peace and physical safety by posting these, but I wanted you to see how lovely these girls look, while still choosing modesty for swimming. VERY cute swimwear!

Pool fun!

Chatting and eating fun.


And our favorite; cakes of morters. Beautiful colors! I guess we set fire to things for about an hour or so. The dry ground made us cautious, so we turned off the electric fence in case we had to make a run to do some stomping, kept a hose nearby, and the young men did a field check when it was all over.

More games indoors til the wee hours of the morning.

And that was pretty much it. I know it's late, but HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!



  1. Fun!

    I like the "Independence from Tyranny" saying. :0)
    I saw Fox News did a poll (or someone did the poll, Fox just reported on it) where more than 30% of Americans didn't know WHO we won Independence from!!! Blew my mind.

  2. Icebear,

    We may have seen the same thing. I was incredulous at how many people had no idea what Independence Day was even for! Those too stupid to learn their history are not only doomed to repeat it, but are going to drag the rest of us along with them, out of sheer number.



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