Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendship Quilt Project and Raindrops on the Window.


Yup. Woke to some shower activity. Again, just enough to tease.

My husband's sister got this for me a few years ago. I am now on a roll getting things on the wall, so I was pleased to move it from the dresser, where I'd had it displayed since then, and set it above the dining area. I think I'd like to make more of them - with some of my favorite verses. I'll just add that to my already endless list of things I may never get to.

We had a nice Shabbat over Friday night and Saturday. We did swimming and reading, playing games and eating - still using up the food I fixed for our Independence Day party. If Shabbat were every day, I'd be a very lazy girl, indeed!

A couple of weeks ago the neighbor who shoots our animals trapped Seth and drove him off to the pound. We found him that night, but he has picked up Kennel Cough. Seth is getting old, so we need to watch for pneumonia. I want you to know I spelled that correctly without spell check!

Our Thursday group is working on a friendship quilt. It just sort of came up out of a conversation, and we decided to pursue one. So while a few of us were out at that huge yard sale a few weeks ago, we also shopped for the fabric that will become the back, the border, and the sashes.

Each participant got to view the fabrics and take home some swatches. We will all design our own personal 12.5 by 12.5 quilt square any way we desire, the only parameter being that it must work with the colors in the fabrics we picked up.

I have worked on my square a little bit, but must keep it a secret. When all are done, we'll surprise each other at our big unveiling. Then we'll put the quilt together, together.

We are also going to sew a pocket into the back of the quilt. In this pocket will go a journal.

We'll pass this quilt to one another throughout the years and the dates of who had it when will go in, as well as anything significant that happened to the ones who had it at the time.

In this way, we'll always be able to bug one another, I mean stay in touch, our whole lives long as we continue passing it along.

Today, I need to spend photographing all the things I bought at the yard sale, and entering it onto eBay for selling.

I think I will likely be very busy.



  1. I like the quilt idea!

    Good luck selling on eBay, hopefully it will be fun for you. The neighbor that we bought the new lot from used to be an eBay seller. She mostly dealt in antique-like things. Not true antiques, but rustic looking stuff. She had fun with it, always shopping for resale items.

    Having jerks for neighbors is rough isn't it. I'll pray for Seth... it does the world good to be populated with good old dogs, hopefully the kennel cough will fade out and leave him be.

    Lazy days of summer... well i'm unfortunately more forcibly lazy than i'd like to be!

    Hope you get some rain soon... has it been humid though?

  2. So goes the ebaying? Lori

  3. Icebear,

    It would be lots more fun to do it with someone. I've got a funny personality. I can enjoy ANYthing, as long as I am with someone working as a team. So doing it by myself makes it a little tedious, but I hope to learn something.

    Thanks for prayers for Seth. :o) He's a good dog. Had a rough time of it as a puppy, so since we found him he's never really been a super happy dog. Doesn't really care to play or learn things, but he loves to be loved and with us. We just want to give him as good a life as we can.

    What's up with you? A little quiet up there. Then I haven't check for a little bit.

    Raining now! Thank you, Father! It hasn't been too humid, as it's been so dry, so that has been a plus.


  4. Lori,

    Trying to learn Turbo Lister..... I do not like learning new programs. :oP


  5. What a fun idea. PS...this is my journal that I took on my vacation...only mine was blue

  6. Hard to believe your neighbor would be so heartless. I wonder if they even know what wonderful people they live next door to and how interacting with you would enrich and bless their lives?

  7. SM,

    They are really cute little journals. Leatherette, soft and colorful, and that band makes it perfect. I hope the band lasts for all those years in the future, but if not, it will add to the charm, I say.


  8. Chai Chai,

    It is a little hard to believe myself, but from other things I know about him it's not too surprising. And I can certainly see how this is being used in my life to cause me to grow. We gave up trying to become friends, it was obviously unwelcome from the beginning. I hoped baskets of strawberries, returning lost kittens, etc might make a dent but, nope.

    Good fences make good neighbors. And old saying that would pretty much be perfected in this case with a solid stone wall. :oP


  9. I like the quilt idea, I love journals, and I really like your "saying on the board". I would like to do a lot more, too. But, I spend so much time thinking about the "right" thing that it doesn't get done. I put mine on a board from an old school desk, so I don't have to remove it from the wall some day.

  10. Gramma,

    I love those old school desks! I am a sucker for anything nostalgic - Norman Rockwellesque. :o)



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