Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Disappearning Comments!


Are any of you experiencing this as well? I am finding that about half of the comments I leave on others' blogs disappear. Also, I just cleared two comments on my last entry, and they both vanished into thin cyberspace!

These are not happy little accidents, no matter how perky Bob Ross was.



  1. I'm having the same problem. I thing Blogger knows about it already though.

  2. faith, i have a blog and today i noticed that 3 of my comments disappeared as well. it must be a glitchwith blogger? argh!!

  3. lol, i used to love watching Bob Ross. I still sometimes catch The Joy of Painting on TV by chance.

    Lets see if this comment shows up. It looks like all the ones i have received have finally appeared by now. Must have been some Blogger glitch. they seem to happen every so often.

    Today's glitch is the length of time it takes for photos to upload. It took me a long time to complete my entry today because i was doing a picture post.

  4. I've not had it happen to me yet, but sometimes the browser I am using makes a difference. I use Flock most of the time (thanks to you), and it works great. The one I have problems with is Chrome (especially on Ravelry) It does wacky stuff, so then I change back to Flock.

    That was really a big, long string of thought process that you didn't really need to know, but now that it is typed out, I will leave it there for you to read. :-D

    See you tonight!


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