Friday, April 2, 2010

Workday with Friends!


But we don't have any photos. Too busy working and talking while working, for the most part.

Before everyone arrived, a bright and beautiful spring morning greeted us. After some chores we did a few things around the place.

Michael burned some of those boxes that he and Ashlee sorted through.

We cleaned off the front and back porches, scrubbing down the furniture and setting up cold drinks for the day in an Igloo.

While I did more housework, Michael began mowing the crop area on high to knock down a bit of growth in preparation for finishing up today.

Then three boys descended on the place and enjoyed a variety of activites with Michael, including preparing an Airsoft battle zone, shopping for pellets online, doing some gymnastics, playing games, and best of all, swooping through the garden and pulling out a bunch of fence posts in about 5 seconds flat.

I had a couple of friends helping me in the garden by that time. Elaine and Ashlee came by again to help out. What a blessing. We finished getting fencing out, dismantled the tomato cage from last year, and dug out a bunch of huge weeds in preparation for tilling.

We girls headed to town for errands - a piano lesson, dinner, and shopping for 20 t-posts and the insulated cable we need to ground the fence system.

Dinner was amazing. I'd never been to this place, and it was empty when we got there. We sat out on the veranda in perfect weather, and chatted and ate some really great food.

Back at home we straightened the house that the boys had left a mess before they took off for manly type activities all night. They have a mens' group they all attend together, which they affectionately have dubbed "Man Class". We then went back down into the garden.

The horses got a new mineral block. (Funny, they don't LOOK like they weigh 50 pounds...). And we pounded in the remaining fenceline posts for the front and dug out the remaining weeds.

I nabbed one quick photo of finishing up the work last night...

Up to the house for some well-deserved cleanup, rest, lemon merengue pie, and working on Civil War ballgown stuff. Our next ball in in just a little over a week!

We watched 50 First Dates while we sewed, using the Clearplay movie filtering system. It's such a great movie when it's cleaned up.

Anyway, another morning of doing some work in the amazing sunshine outdoors, then we are off to do office cleaning and gymnastics.

I better get busy!



  1. Hey there! Just wanted to say I MISS YOU!!! Vacations are simply awesome, especially this one (I'm sure you'll hear tales), but there's nothing like the feeling of being back home again. Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. What an amazing view and what a fun sounding day. I hope you get lots of days like this. I think this summer is going to be very busy for both of us.

  3. Kasie!

    We sure missed you, as well! So glad you are home. I loved seeing the photos of your time with friends.

    See you soon!


  4. Sweethearts,

    Yup, the season is upon us!



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