Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Body Bags, and A Good Idea Gone Bad.


I have been saving up boxes toward the end goal of being able to sell on eBay and ETSY. I haven't had any time to pursue it yet, but I wanted to use the opportunity I had to collect shipping boxes.

This has led to some stress. My guest room was bad enough when it turned into a slash/canning room. Now it has become a guest/canning/box storage facility.

Some friends came by yesterday and helped us reduce my stress level, by straightening up that room. Ashlee is back behind those boxes somewhere, working hard.

They helped me with another project; organizing my sewing stuff which had completely taken over my closet floor. Those boxes came in handy after all!

I've also been working on trying to make a custom fitted dress shirt for Michael.

It's slow going, and I don't really know what I'm doing, but I work on it when I get the chance. Sadly, this is what the family room has looked like all week.

We did some target shooting last Saturday, during the brief, 4 hour sunny period.

We made a smaller set of parallets.

We flipped over the false table top I have on my little Mediterranean set. It was getting droopy.

That's better!

And I love these huge in-the-way leaves we chopped off a houseplant.

It had been drooping on the floor, so we cut it off and, on a whim, I put them in a vase. So far they've lasted a week.

We put the handle on the pommel trainer.

The little apricot tree is blooming.

Unless you read the comments, you never heard what was in my dryer vent. It was a bird. Here is the body bag.

Here is how it got in. I have no idea how the whole cover of it was broken into a lot of pieces on the ground.

Today's focus is going to be beginning to replace the non-functioning electric fence system for the horses with a newer, more expensive, and currently more stressful system. However, the reduced stress in the long haul should be worth it.

This took a big chunk out of what I'd been trying to save for a rainy day, but you know what? It's been raining.

This was cheaper than the solar powered chargers we've been trying to make work. We just don't have a power source nearby which means an extension cord for the foreseeable future. I have been asking around for people who would like horses, but the market is very low right now.

Ready... set... read the manual.

As I do, I realize that the way my husband set the grounding system up, it was doomed to failure from the beginning.

This grounding is going to take a lot of work, so we better get started.




  1. I see you are busy, busy too*wink* Hey, I've not hear od a bird in the dryer but we have had them get down our stove pipe and into the stove. One time I had the bright idea to let it out and catch it in the kitchen( we'd shut off the other rooms), big mistake, it flew out and everywhere it hit on the walls, windows and ceiling it left black soot*Urgggh* We finally caught him in a bug net and released it outside, then the cleanup began.

    I can't sew but the shirt looks great! You are so multi talented, I need to take some sewing classes or something.

  2. Kelle,

    I can picture exactly what those bird prints on your wall looked like. When we wash windows there are bird prints all over them due to the poor things hitting the reflective windows. Amazing.

    That must have been quite the challenge cleaning THAT mess up! LOL

    Oh, don't take classes. Do it the fun way, like me. Jump in and waste scads of time messing up. You know what they say, we learn more from our mistakes than from what we do right. I ought to be the smartest person in the world by now. LOL



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