Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Climb Every Mountain.... Ford Every Stream... Follow........


We got our first frost of the year on Sunday night, and it was a good one.

Focusing in on the mountains, from our sliding glass door. That's where we were going. And there was snow up there!

Loaded up with friends and headin' for the hills!

We finally got a sunny day to go hiking on top of the Appalachians! WooHOOOO!

Half our crew was not able to make it, but the rest of us had a pretty good time. Driving up there took about 40 minutes out of town where we all met up.

Oh Yah. Snow. I did not want any yet. I have not had enough warm Autumn!

Made it to the top!

About 50 - 55 degrees up there. The snow was melting and dropping off the trees in wonderful "plops".

The young people, ready for adventure.

On top of the world. Or at least anything that is lower than 4000 feet. I like to call them big hills around here.

The goal? To hike about 30 minutes over to the bluffs where you can sit on the rocks and scare your mother to death.

We decided Ollie could not be carried over there without the extra arms we'd been expecting, so he and I bowed out of the trip. Off they went.

And Ollie and I traversed some utility trails that go past cell and radio towers.

Lots of Woolie Woolies around!

And the cutest little tiny baby snake.

The crew returns. And no one fell off the bluff! Or at least they followed my stern warnings to not even MENTION if any of them 'slipped' or 'almost' fell or wrestled and pretended to throw each other off. My heart can only stand so much.

I love the skies...

Only enough snow left for these tiny little snowmen.

But it was enough to make their fingers too cold.

We had to make it a short trip, back to town by 3:30, but it was a good outing.

Hope you enjoyed the view!




  1. Isn't it "FORD every stream"? :-P

    Great pics! That was such a fun outing. Short, but sweet. I love the mountains!

  2. Kasie,

    LOL You are right!

    Now that you mention it, it sure makes a lot more sense. LOL

    Too funny.


  3. Thank you for letting me travel with you!


  4. Linda,

    Thanks for riding along!



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