Saturday, October 17, 2009



So, maybe it wasn't such a surprise after all, but it was still great fun.


The day dawned drizzly and dreary AGAIN! As a friend of mine said, "Sounds a bit like Oregon!"

But after getting our usual morning stuff and school done, we headed off for the party.

We arrived amidst rain...

Waited sneakily outside the door...

We stuck out like a sore thumb. Ashlee's normal response would have been running away, but this look of real surprise was an obvious giveaway.

Heading down to the barn for the party...

Whoa, this looks cool!

A relay game I made up while at Walmart on the way. Each team member must shoot Silly String into the air, catch it their heads when it comes down, and run back to tag the next person. When your whole team is done, they all pull their party poppers.

It was a little cool at 50 degrees.

The kids decided to play Airsoft, despite the drizzle.

Birthday girl Ashlee had a fashionista thing goin' on...

Ready for bloodshed, once again.

Hmmmmmmmm... What does Josiah see?

Ah, yes. Four (Correction: six) potential enemy targets, under cover...

Run for it!!!!

But watch out for this sentry.

Is this the sweet babe I gave birth to?

Here are the dead, reloading and getting a new life.

Don't you wish real wars had timeouts?

The upper battlefield.

Rats! Dead again!

And a barn dance! Complete with live music on some of the songs...

It was a little cold.

Food! Glorious food!

Back to dancing.

Love these quilts...

Gentlemen always help a lady with a light.

A few dozen voices in a barn, singing happy birthday.

Then we took off for a trip to the corn maze. It was going to be great! But it was raining. Here is our intrepid crew.

So we went back to the home base and played many rounds of spoons.

Cool fun.




  1. Oh my goodness...what an incredible 16th birthday party! She will NEVER forget the friends and family that blessed her so.

  2. Wow, I didn't know kids still played outside! Looks like a fun party. Love your silly string relay race!

  3. Cyn,

    I hope you are right. We prayed to be blessings for her. :o)


  4. Jo,

    Don't you hate all the time kids waste on TV and PC? It's so great to see them out running around a having a great time.

    If my knee was being better behaved, I'd have been out there too. LOL I used to win at laser tag when that was in fashion.

    I'll use that relay race idea again. I thought it worked out well, too.


  5. What a fun looking birthday party; I am glad you don't have fire ants too....laying on their stomachs in ambush would not be an option. I WANT THAT BARN!!!

  6. OH MY WORD MY KC in army gear HAHA funny stuff! and all the others too looking good! lol

  7. Tracy,

    Oh my goodness, yes that would be a challenge for even the most battle-hardened recruit out there! LOL

    It's a great barn, isn't it! We are looking forward to many barn dances in it. The kids love to dance when the whole dating pressure is off and it's just a fun way to get together.


  8. Esther,

    They are looking smart. Not only ready for battle, but a little swagger in their march as well. LOL



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