Monday, October 12, 2009

No Photography weather!


I have been dying to get outside and take lots of beautiful Autumn photographs, but the weather continues to be precipitationish, as it has been all year.

The colors are just beginning to be quite noticeable, but it is cloudy and drizzly. We were just talking last night about going on some picture-taking jaunts, but the weather is going to have to be more cooperative at this rate.

We are enjoying our new office cleaning job. With this one, we get up nice and early on Sunday morning and get it done before church. Feels like we still have the whole day.

So we used it very happily later on. Some of us gathered together for a birthday party for the afternoon, evening, night, and part of this morning as well. The kids have all learned a little trick. They just make themselves scarce so that a mom doesn't see them and say, "OK, kids, we really need to be getting home." On a farm, it's easy for them to do. Lot's of places to go and be busy in.

We ate too much, and we played board games, then the kids all went out and played Airsoft wars, Hide and Go Seek, Tag, and card games until the wee hours of the morning.

One thing I really love about our kids and young adults is, not only are they the most mature kids you are going to meet when it comes to family and responsibility, but they also never attained that disdainful attitude that so many teens get. These kids still no how to play and have fun together, then they come in and love on their families as well.

Here are most of them, some had to leave early, ready to go have some Airsoft fun.

And here is one of them, who returned with a possible broken bone from jumping down and twisting his ankle. Did you miss him in the photo above? He will be seeing the doctor today.

Here's my crazy little hooligan.

Slow morning around here. Only project on the agenda is working on sewing sleeves on my bodice.

Good times.




  1. I don't know faith! Michael has a crazy look in his eye. That cannot be the little gentleman who was dancing just a post ago...LOL.

  2. Awww! I missed you all yesterday :-( I wish I could have been there! Boo Atlanta! Booooo!

    I wish I was working on my bodice today... but tomorrow it shall be! I've got to make a Wmt trip later to see if they will exchange! See you in 18 hours! Love~

  3. Faith,
    You guys always seem to have so much fun, amid the work. We need to take a lesson or two from you both.
    Nice looking group of young adults. Sorry to hear abotu the one man, praying it's just a bad sprain not a break.
    We don't have much to take pictures of either, just tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, then apple, apples, apples. See I do whine from time to time, do you have any cheese? LOL!
    We aren't going to get any change of color for Fall, the leaves are all frozen and will simply drop off green, maybe brownish*sigh* I will miss the color changes, so please catch some good shots, so I can enjoy yours.
    Take care{{{HUGS}}}

  4. SBF,

    You've got a point. Might be an impostor. I better implement the tickle torture to make absolutely certain....


  5. Leah,

    Boo, Atlanta! No more trips for you!


  6. Kelle,

    Turned out to be nothing visible on the X-ray, so it's either small, or a sprain or tear of some sort. He was hurting pretty badly. Got it wrapped very well today.

    LOL That's what I always say, "I'd like a little cheese with my whine."

    I will do my best on the pics, but they are dropping too quickly. :o( Uncooperative buggers. They need to hang on til the week before Christmas. Then they can all "WHUMP!" to the ground at once.



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