Tuesday, October 13, 2009

53 days, and Counting...


OK, this weather is enough to put the drearies in anyone. Rather than being out and about enjoying blue skies and crisp mornings, and lovely colors, we've had little but clouds and drizzle.

My tendency to fall victim to cabin fever would be making me crazy right now, except we've been keeping busy with several activites, including smokin' up the sewing machines.

As one dear one mentioned to me yesterday, we have only 53 days til the Christmas Ball.

53 DAYS?????????

ACK! You know, you always think you have more time. Considering that I am hoping to get all my Civil War undies sewn, as well as a cape, a day dress, and a frock coat for Michael done... I have NO TIME AT ALL!

7 of us have been meeing most every Tuesday at our different homes, trying to help one another. I have no idea what I would do without the help of the young ladies who actually KNOW how to sew. LOL

I am clueless. So Angie sewed my sleeves for me, as they were becoming something I loathed; sort of like a bad rash.

I had spent almost all of Monday on them at home. Ho-hum....

Here is the bodice progress so far.

And here are the basic sleeves I created to attach.

I gathered them and pinned one on, before running out of steam.

So this morning was great. We love getting together and helping one another. Angie took over my sleeves for me, and I moved down to help Leah with her bodice, and Elaine with her day dress skirt. Most of us were working on other's things, wherever we were best at, we helped at. Teamwork. YAY!

Here are 5 at the table. 4 machines. I had just decided the camera was not going to take the photo, and brought it down, when it snapped this blurred picture.

Trying on corset and hoop skirt.... Looking good!

The work extended into, not only the living room, but also the kitchen.

The boys kept themselves busy...

As tomorrow is rain all day long, Leah is going to come over and sew all day with me. I hope to get my sleeves finished, and perhaps the edging on the bodice, and Leah's overskirt and underskirt mostly done.

I am not a person who seems naturally skilled at anything in particular. But I figure if I keep thrashing around long enough with fabric and needles, eventually I might end up with a finished ball gown.

Buried under fabric and gazing at gray skies,




  1. Another fun looking night Faith! But did you have to put another monkey on my back????? Now I will be worrying about Christmas too! Hahaha.

  2. Love your kitchen!

  3. SBF,

    Pshaw! You got 71 days til then. A LIFETIME!

    Ugh! Once again I can see, I am NOT going to get soaps made for Christmas, am I!


  4. Sharon,

    I will pass along your compliment.
    That kitchen is my friend's, not mine. I think it's amazing, too!


  5. I can not wait to see this when it is finished. I bet it will be amazing.

  6. You are a great semstress!


  7. Tracey,

    I'll try to keep the pics posted as they come. Today I'm working on a drop-sleeved shirt for Michael, but have forgotten to take pics. Bad me!


  8. Linda,

    I will accept that compliment, even though it was given without knowledge of how awful I really am. LOL

    Thank you, M'Lady.



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