Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pool Deconstruction.


Removing the filtering system.

Cutting away the side wall, piece by piece. You need tin snips for this job. They only work in one direction, so it's good to have two that each go in opposite ways so you don't get stuck having to go at a cut in an awkward position as we did. I have two, but they both are the same.

The rotted out track between the outside dirt and the sand on the inside that is used to make a smooth floor.

I had hope to leave the liner in place, cutting it into a circle that would act as a base to set the new pool on, but it was so difficult getting the wall out, that the base was torn up and will need to be redone.

We grabbed the back edge of the liner, by the deck, and rapidly pulled it, hoping to direct most of the water out and downhill as we came. Most of it came out, I think, but it was still a pond til the next day.

Groan..... Lots of redoing needed here. No quick set up for us, this time around.

The underside of the deck. After 6 or 7 years, lots had crumbled down and fallen against the outside of the pool. With no support in the center, it is sagging. The new pool has to be taken down and stored yearly. I think I will wait until then, when it will also be cooler, to take the deck up and redo it. Perhaps by then we might find a more permanent pool solution as well.

Several things to avoid here.

Do not, under any circumstances, allow your spouse to spray Round-Up along banks to avoid using the weedwhacker. I caught him too late. LOL

Secondly, dogs like to find cool shady places to dig in in the summer. I will block off access next time.

Thirdly, I believe I will also install a french drain above the deck to channel water around, rather than through.

These pool wall pieces will be used to line the chicken house walls. When I was a child, my dad got tin-types from the local newspaper office. I don't think those exist any more, do they? We lined our chicken house with those. It was fun to read them as well.

That's the progress so far. :)




  1. Oh my gosh that looks like so much work. I can see though why the pool walls didn't last. That last picture sure shows off you guys hard work. Way to go!!

    PS I tagged you for an award on my web (am post) but I stress you don't have to do all that is required on it because I know how busy you guys are. It takes a while to do everything on it. But I get so much out of your blog I had to put you at the top. Have a wonderful day of rest.

  2. Tracey,

    Yeah, they were pretty bad, weren't they!

    Thanks, I'll see about playing along. :) I don't have 10 people subbed to me, but I can put others on the list anyhow. LOL



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