Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad, Mystery Squash, Summer, and Measuring Day


Happy SUMMER! OK, we're hot and humid enough for me now! :) Rains last week, heat this week. Missing that pool already!

My dad has taught me more than any other person in existence. From him I got my work ethic. He knows how to do so many things and I voraciously am trying to learn as much as opportunity allows while he is here.

I respect my dad. He is a man of integrity. A man of God.

Last night, we went to his home to fix a Father's Day dinner for him. As usual, he had done more for me than I could do for him.

He even made this so that it could be dismantled and taken to our place to use if we desired. Amazing.

We sat outside as lasagna, summer squash casserole, and bread baked, and we fixed a table together. That's my mom, who is having a harder and harder time due to Alzheimer's.

At this point she does not like to go anywhere, and she does not do a lot around the house except for basic housework and a little cooking. She gets easily upset and frustrated by any thing that goes unexpectedly, even if something is in the wrong spot. She spends a lot of time on the computer game Bejeweled. She no longer wants to work on her genealogy hobby.

Dad is having to adjust to all this. Things are quite different than what he has been used to with her his whole life. But they are still going strong at 55 years of marriage. :)

Where in the world is Michael?

Isn't this interesting?

Here are some pictures of volunteer plants, which are doing better, of course, than the ones I've worked really hard on.

This one looks vaguely like a little scallop, but the plant is growing like something else, kind of like a muskmelon, so we'll see what changes occur.

This one is likely a cross between a zucchini and pumpkin, but I'm not sure yet. I actually love how those taste and call them Zuchins.

Here was our first harvest of wild blackberries on Saturday. I brought them up and shared them with Michael. It's going to be a TERRIFIC wild blackberry year, with all the rain we have been blessed with just before ripening time!

And, in comparison, here is the progress of the Doyle Thornless Blackberries we've got coming. What... maybe a week behind?

The progress of the baby birds. At my parents house yesterday, we determined that they are likely mockingbirds.

The parent birds in front of the neighbor's house, trying to distract Michael as he's getting the shot.

The first day of each new season has always been Measuring Day. I have carried a 2 x 2 with me and each of my kids was marked to measure growth. Michael grew another half inch through the spring. I also noticed that, for the first time, his foot is longer than mine! And I wear a size 9 or 10!

For a get together with friends on Friday, what fun it was to slice up cucumbers from the garden, and head out to the herb garden with a basket and sheers to trim just a bit of basil and fennel to mix in.

Are you like me? Does it just make you feel wonderful to tread across the grass in your bare feet, skirts swinging about your calves, carrying a basket filled with what you've grown? There is something real and beautiful about it. :)

The salad was tasty, crisp and refreshing.

On our day of rest Saturday, we also had some fun designing a dream outdoor kitchen.

Imagine a pavilion roof, stone floor and cabinetry, brick BBQs and oven, stainless steel. And gas burners for now, but the ability to use all wood if necessary. Everly Brothers. Dree-ee-eeam. Dream, dream, dreeean, dree-ee-eeam. Dream, dream, dream. LOL

I've been wanting lavender to make all sorts of wonderful things. Here is one of my folk's plants. I tried to use the Obamenomics logic to convince them that they had more than their share and should dig some up and give them to me, but no dice.

I will need to learn cutting techniques for them.

The dental office cleaning job took quite a while this weekend. I had to polish the formica countertops. I've never done that before and I had to figure out how it was supposed to be done, then all the extra elbow grease. I can't say I noticed a difference really...

Today - a GIFT! A friend is coming to work on the farm with us all day, just for the experience. :) And she's going to stay the night so we can stare at stars. Michael is always too tired and ready for bed, so it will be nice to have a star-gazing companion.

I hope it's not cloudy! :)




  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Oh, what have a friend come and work with you. Many hands make light work...and so much more fun to visit while working.
    It is definitely hot here...high's near 90 for most of the week. That's OK tho, I'm not complaining...not after the harsh winter we had!

  2. I hope you can enjoy the stars also. We are haviing a sunny warm day here! YEAH!


  3. Awww... I about cryed when I saw what your Dad did for you. My Dad is the same way. I need to go give him a hug. I think I take him for granted....and Mom too.

    I love the awesome is that?! And your drawing made me is good, don't get me wrong. But my first thought was.."why is she drawing a belt?"...then it dawned on me that it was a sink I was looking at.. not a buckle... Too bad I'm not blonde..I would have a good excuse..haha.
    Have a great week!

  4. Faith,
    Your Dad is really talented to come up with that for your canning needs. I can relate to what you described your Mom's symptoms to be. My Mom is similar, but she is also very nasty to all of us.

    Is that photo you entitled "Interesting isn't it?" Sedum. We have some but it's red not pink.
    The photo below( sedum?) that looks like a mini pumpkin. Cortney grows these and that is what they look like at first, until they turn orange.

    You've been busy too! Praying you find pool parts. I can't stand humid. I can handle heat well, as long as it isn't muggy.

    Sleep soundly, dream sweetly, snore softly *wink*

  5. Cyn,

    I agree wholeheartedly! I have no problem with work, and have no interest in leading a sedentary lifestyle, but when friends are working with you... It makes everything wonderful! You not only are accomplishing things, but you are doing it with people you love to be with, laughing, learning... it's all GOOD!

    I love to get up and help when we are at friends' homes.

    Sounds about like our weather. But maybe we are all drying out a bit this coming week?


  6. Linda,

    You guys need some sun and warmth up there, you have been a little on the dreary side this spring. :)


  7. I had to go and see the belt... You're right, it looks just like one. LOL


  8. Kelle,

    Your mom has Alz. too? I'm sorry. It certainly is a challenge. The hardest thing is when they know what is happening, but can't stop it. I know my mom, feels badly about it.

    Mom can be distant at times. But that's always been her way anyhow. I sure hope I don't get it, but if I do, I pray I am sweet and loving.

    Thank you for the sedum info. I've heard of it, of course, but obviously never with a picture, as I had no idea. :) It sure is unique.

    We may have a replacement pool. I think I will know tomorrow night. :)



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