Monday, May 18, 2009

Something New!


I was reading Tessa's blog entry that mentioned something called a paper pot maker. Intrigued, I did a little rooting around on the internet. I found that this could be a wonderful asset for inexpensive biodegradable pots that I could make in the evenings while relaxing and watching the news or something.

I was just about to order one, having found the best price, when I happened to run across one more page that mentioned a 'next generation' pot maker for even cheaper.

Doing a little research on that, at, I found a video demonstrating how they are used.

I think they are terrific! I would recommend that people buy one and try one.

But, if you are like me.... your mind goes one step further and asks, "How can I make one myself and save 20 bucks?

Another thing to add to my list. Buy the PVC parts, or even better, scrounge some up for free, and make them myself. I will check out the way they could fit together the next time I stop at the HIC.




  1. ahhh! thanks for the paper pot link, i actually had one of the wooden potmakers that i found by chance at he swap table at the "dump", but hubby thought it was something that was missing parts, so he threw it away before i got any real use out of it. *cry*
    i'd planned to rely on oragami if i ever wanted to try paper pots again, but now i have this as a better idea, thanks!

    BTW i have been reading your blog for about the last week, here and there in my spare time. its been great to read, we have similar ambitions and i admire your perseverance!


  2. Hey Icebear!

    Glad to see you here. I got one, but haven't used it yet, so I was waiting for that to report on it.

    LOL I actually saw the origami pots.

    Well, hang out with me and we can bounce ideas off each other.



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