Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleaning and Friends


Fridays are kind of spent around here now and not really available for getting things done on the farm.

We managed to straighten up the house, though still not enough time to give it a good cleaning. Did just a few little necessary chores here and there, as well as finally getting the van vacuumed out. It is more like a truck, and LOOKS it!

Well, I had a photo, but my Flock Media Stream is not loading it again. ;)

Then we took off to go earn some much needed money, as my DH did not send us a penny last week. We washed some windows and cleaned an office, which is a temporary job. DH leaves, keeps his income, and my 13 year old has to work nights and weekends so we can have money... I have to say though, that Michael is growing up with a desire for integrity. He's a hard worker, and has a great attitude. He's not even that angry with his dad, because he just doesn't think about him that much. This is just what we have to do and it's hard, but it's OK. :)

Great young adult!

But after getting work done, and stopping by to visit my parents, in which my dad, yet again, gave us gifts of grass clippings and wood sides for the potato bins, we had to go buy some groceries and (GASP) garden sprays, I hate that I'm typing that, we went to our fun evening of Friday Fellowship with friends.

Plenty of music and fun, and yummy eats. Before we had to take on this cleaning job I was bring food. Now it's a little harder. I hope to find some things on FreeCycle to assist us at the warehouse hangout; a range, a frig and a microwave. It would really be nice. We'll see.


Cool, was able to snag one picture. LOL

Got home late, unloaded only the groceries and left the music equipment, the lawn clippings, and the lumber all filling up the van again, and went to bed. Happy to have gone, happy to be together, and happy to be home.

I love those "Life is Good" things. It sure can be filled with good things. Gifts.



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