Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Stuff


Some things that were my grandmother's.

Circa 1970s

Circa..... ?

The containers are metal.

Now you get to see the tops. I'm not going to clean the dust off of them. That could very well be the dust my grandmother swept off her porch while drinking her tree-ripened lemonade on a beautiful sunny June morning! That, and the fact that I tried cleaning the dust off once before and it didn't work. I was afraid to scrub to the point of damaging them.

And her old bread box.

Air vents in the back as I lift the hinged lid.

I keep my cookie cutters in there.

Wishing I had better photos up there. Those are about 10 years old.

Someone is watching Mythbusters, who are testing to see if you can escape the state pen with antacids.

You never know when that is going to be a necessary bit of knowledge.




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