Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Miss Two Things At This Moment.


Time to do this, and mild enough weather to do this.

This was taken in January of 2007. Michael and I were focusing on sports that home school year. We played tennis, every sort of _______ball you could think of, swimming, skating, and pretty much everything.

I'm so grateful for that last year before my DH left us. It was a fantastic year for Michael, to be able to experience those things before we no longer were able to do so.

My folks even came a long a couple of times, and that made it extra special.

But four years later...

We are hibernating as much as our garden beds!

Not a lot to blog about beyond that. I've been working really hard on learning computer things. I am reminded at just how near to being brain dead I am. Michael has been working on school and is the brains of the family.

I'm getting really good at driving on ice. That will be helpful in the coming ice age, um brought on by global warming?

Life is good
and cold.

From the woolly mammoth den,




  1. Global Warming, those were the days..... Good times, good times.

  2. Ah, yes, I could use me a sunny day and 9 holes... :o)

    And you forget... they're now calling it "Climate Change" since earth didn't get the memo about global warming (can we PLEASE turn the global warming back ON???). Maybe one day they'll give it up and go back to calling it the four seasons.... :o)

    Stay warm. ;o)

  3. Chai Chai,

    LOL Hilarious! Yes, those were the good ol' days. "Yesterday.... all our troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though the snow will stay..."

  4. Beth,

    Me too! Though I hear we'll warm up nicely this year or next, when all those sun spots appear. Sort of like my age spots, I imagine.

    Or it may just mean our cell phones will fry, and they'll have to reinstall all those pay phones again.

    2010, the year of two seasons, is how I'll remember it.


  5. Oh my gosh he was so cute and little!!! I remember when my big boy was that little.

    I am telling about chemtrails. Then put on your tin foil hat. It's all a govt conspiracy I tell ya!

    It's cold here too! I think it has been in the teens or 20s at night for a week....ok ok I know. It's supposed to be almost 60 here in the next couple of days! woohoo

  6. S's Mom,

    Boy would I love that weather! Enjoy!

    I read a lot about chemtrails many years ago. I have not decided what they are, there are several things that are potential answers. Most of the time they can look like very crowded skies. But I will never forget one day, there was a perfect grid pattern being flown right overhead, from horizon to horizon. Several planes were going at the same time, and you'd swear they were on tracks.

    As for nefarious purposes, I'm not so sure, but I AM sure that the grid pattern was definitely something they were doing on purpose that day. It was just too huge and too perfect to be anything else. I lean toward weather or atmospheric experimentation, myself. Very often, our weather would change afterward, usually to a slight drizzle during typically dry weather. But they are keeping it quiet, whatever it is, and I've not seen as much lately as I did some years ago right overhead.

    Here's some recent news, showing that this has been seriously pursued, and successfully, too.

    "Scientists Create 52 Artificial Rain Storms in Abu Dhabi Desert"

    We live in strange times.


  7. I used to play a lot of golf. Now all my walking is done on The Farm.

    That's quite an irony there - ice age brought about by global warming!

    Keep active Faith, as I keep the Faith...:)

  8. Stay warm (((hugs)))

    Julia, in New Zealand

  9. Grandpa,

    I don't play golf, though I did try it a couple of times, but the driving range and putting greens practice days were wonderful to get outside in. Walking out of doors would definitely be the pulling point for me. How wonderful to be in a park-like setting, not crowded by people, enjoying the sunshine with friends!

    So now you have all that, only no pressure to do better or let someone play through. :o)


  10. Julze,

    Oh, boy, I'm doing my best. We've been out of sunshine now for nearly two weeks, I think.

    But right now, the sun has come up into a clear sky, and it's shining across my shoulders and lap behind me. It still is icy and cold out there, but there is a hope for something more today!



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