Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny Morning Chores with Beet Pulp.


My citrus grove, happily enjoying a new flush of growth, due to some fertilizer.

I am just enjoying the light. Forward lighting can take a back seat today.

Thaw is in full force. Not real warm yet, but the sunlight is hard at work.

Is there any breakfast today?

Why yes, as a matter of fact. There is!

Beet pulp!

Stirring up in some warm water. Don't want to take any chances, even though the information of dry versus wet is still a bit conflicting.

Oh, yes. Warm, sweet, tasty, healthy, fibrous, metabolism-boosting, lovingly prepared beet pulp. Just for you!

Breakfast is served!

Is this for me? You are too kind!

This is new. What is it? Mom, come on over and try this.

What is this slop?

Maybe this one is better.

Nope, same stuff. I don't like it, do you like it?

Maybe the 20 dollar a bale stuff will come on the next delivery. We're not eating this!

Tune in next time for "As the Stomach Takes Turns" when the ruminants arrive and happily enjoy this same meal four times as much.

I'll trade two horses for a Dexter cow! Any takers?




  1. the pics/ daughter's horse, Romeo loooves sugar-beet (what we call it)..though he love anything that goes into his belly! They'll get used to it, in a few days time.

    Stay warm,

  2. throw in some molasses or chopped apple--- or the leftover apple and veggie pulp from your juicer. a friend's horse would eat bread.

    horses are the funniest critters, like a cat a dog and a buffalo all rolled into one. lol

  3. Julze,

    Looks like they got hungry enough. LOL They can be so finicky.

    Doing our best! :o)


  4. Icebear,

    Haven't been buying much produce lately, not in the budget, so juicing is out.

    We are having to be very... creative right now.



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