Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Adventures


We've had commode repairs.

Nicely done, Michael!

Accidents, just waiting to happen... Yes, those are pockets full of eggs. About 4 in each one. How many of us as children experienced the thrill of running and tripping with pockets full of eggs?

Why did I never think of cutting watermelon this way before? I like it!

More neighborly cows.

And a hastily blockaded fence line until barbed wire can be found.

I baked shortbread cookies for my dad and Michael.

Oh, yes! I'm enjoying this watermelon IMMENSELY, thank you!

Some peas, Swiss chard, and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce to put into the garden.

Those went in this corner.

We attended a Republican meeting at which a gubernatorial candidate was coming to speak.

Does anyone else think that is just a very silly name for someone running for governor?

I attempted a different sort of sun tea.

Dropping a sprig of lemon mint and a sprig of stevia is going to influence this gallon of tea? Such was the premise of several online articles. I was willing to give it a try.

It didn't work. Do people get paid to write articles about things they've never done? Next time I'll do what should have been done in the first place; crush them and let the oils release into the tea as it soaks up that gorgeous sunlight!

About a dozen young adults all had another Airsoft war game. We enjoyed an afternoon and evening of conversation, eating, tours of the gardens, and later, us oldER folks sat around talking politics. Are your tables filled with this conversation more and more lately?

Here are some of our battle hardened troops below.

And here they are later with another creative game they came up with.

And when my head was about to fall on the table, we headed home. I'm looking forward to Michael getting his license so I can sleep while he drives!




  1. it is the best way to cut watermelon!

    i love sun tea also, but haven't made it in a long while, i'm glad you mentioned it, i'll make some one of the next sunny days we have.

  2. Interesting that your young lad was interested in going to listen to the Rep Gov candidate speak. My teen boy is actually working on the local Rep Congressional candidates campaign staff and getting summer intern credit to boot. Maybe the younger generation isn't locked into the medias stereo type of how they (should) vote.

  3. Just wanted to say that I like the new background. So good to see you last night... and the night before... and the night before that too! Love ya'll~

  4. silly girl. Sleep while your teen is out driving....I want to know if this actually happens!

  5. Icebear,

    It had been quite a while since I'd made some too. I need to get back in the habit.


  6. Chai Chai,

    I hope so. If we don't get some young people with their heads screwed on straight involved in politics, we are up a creek without a paddle! We need integrity and wisdom. Let's hope more become interested.


  7. SM,

    Well, we go the same places, so likely I'll sleep while he drives me home. I suppose it will take a while for me to relax enough first, though. LOL


  8. Thanks Leah!

    It has been great seeing you more as well. You youngsters are so busy these days! :oP


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