Wednesday, June 9, 2010



This is what a young man looks like when he catches a nap while taking a short schoolwork break.

Our cherry bushes are really doing well this year.

Once indoor stuff was done, we headed out for cherry picking last week.

We always look forward to this time of year. We have the most wonderful times, sitting under the cherry bushes in the shade, eating, talking, spitting.. all the great stuff. The weather always seems to be so nice.

Here are the bases. We have three of these kind.

Michael decided to use a ladder to nestle up higher in the foliage.

Hey! I'm unarmed!

Get busy!

Here's my share of a couple of gallons of cherries for the day.

These are perfect for fresh eating, making wines, and making jams and jellies. They are smaller than regular cherries, much softer flesh, so pitting them is a challenge, and somewhere between a sweet and sour cherry in tartness.

We are eating plenty of fresh cherries, I don't drink wine, and we don't eat much jam or jelly so, when friends came over the next day to pick, we gave the whole lot to them.

And we got this beautiful and VERY delicious jar of cherry jelly!

It was SO good, as a matter of fact, that I may make some anyhow. We'll have to learn to eat more of it.




  1. On the cherries, I am not sure this will work but try using a sharp knife and cut a little slit in the end and give it a squeeze. If the pit comes out easy that might help. Also if you want to use them through the winter, try drying some. They can rehydrated and used in amazing homemade cherry muffins and also can be added to stuffing for turkey and chicken!

  2. We did try pitting them that way. They are just so soft that they end up turning to pulp.

    My friend has a sieve with a spinning thing in the middle. I think I'll borrow that and use it to press out the juice.

    Mmmmmmmmm... cherry muffins... :o)

    Great idea!


  3. those cherry berries do look delicious, i know you have said what type they are, but i can't seem to remember.

  4. Icebear,

    I kept looking them up and getting different answers, but I am pretty sure they are Nanking now. I found some GREAT bush cherries on my search though! Some are very good, even up in zone 2!



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