Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Yup. I think the season is past.

They REALLY look like Red Sails now.

How about these Jerusalem artichokes? I dug one up and gave it to my dad a month ago. Back then there was no tuber to be found. I wonder if they have them by now?

I was disappointed in the self-sown marigolds this year. Can't wait to plant a big ol' huge bed of packaged seed next spring!

I have actual lavender this year! I'm really excited about this! Provence Lavender.

And English Lavender, I believe.

And feverfew has some floral similarities to chamomile, I've found.

And that's a very short tour of some of the sorely neglected herb garden. Good thing it's not too demanding. We are lucky that it only needs a bit of work. Hopefully we'll find the time soon.




  1. at least the lettuce (that is what that is,right?) looks kinda pretty like that.
    i think the JA's are like onions, when the day length starts getting shorter they start forming bulbs, but i'm not sure. Mine look kinda straggly, yours look really happy.

    I love lavender, but i have not found a type that is reliably winter hardy up here. The ones listed as zone 5 have not come back for me in the past.

    My marigolds are struggling, these were packaged seeds, i think its because my seed starting mix was deficient in phosphorus- despite the label claiming that it had extra phosphorous in it. (most of my seedlings were turning purple!)
    Yours don't look too bad for self-sown, if you wanted them for a little bug deterrent, i bet they are doing that job just as well as the packeted types. :)

  2. Icebear,

    Yes, Red Sails is a lettuce variety. Can you believe the days will get shorter in three days? GASP!

    I had originally planted them to transplant into the garden, but never got to it. However, I fell in love with the masses of blooms last year.

    Purple seedlings! That's weird, and not right at all. I wonder if you could have gotten a bad batch?


  3. Did you get to harvest any JA's this fall? I dug some up to try, i liked them quite a bit. I think the claimed gassiness is overstated IMHO. They only gave me issues the first time, later i had no trouble. I didn't harvest all of them( last year- autumn 2010)so i expect to see many more at the end of this year, they did flower beautifully.

  4. Is that when we are supposed to harvest them? LOL No, I didn't. Hopefully the extra year will be beneficial for their settling in.

    How did you prepare them, and did you enjoy them?


  5. Ahhh, there we go. I forgot if i asked you in email, at my blog, or here.
    Yes, fall when it gets cold is when they get harvested. They are similar to parsnips in that they can be harvested through the snow and frost if needed. I haven't done that myself but everything i have read says so.
    I cooked mine with butter, cream, salt & pepper and some herbs de provence. I thought it was yummy. They have a potatoey flavor but the texture is almost velvety. I'm glad i decided to try growing them.


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