Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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And that's pretty much the story of our lives here at home for the last half a week. We've been working in the vineyard, for the most part.

It has been stinkin' hot and muggy. Whew! We have been putting in as many hours in the morning as possible, and doing school in the afternoons and evenings instead.

We took a trip to the Ag Extension last week with our leaf, whereupon it was determined to be either downy or powdery mildew, in addition to the black rot of which we were already aware. Demons, demons, everywhere!

No problem, she says. Just scoot on down to the Co-op and buy some CAPTAN and some Immunox. The CAPTAN will get rid of all evil molds, fungi, and mildews, and the Immunox will boost the plants' health, thereby making it fit as a top notch heavy-weight to battle disease and grow big and strong. Insert whistling and skipping here.

Unfortunately, the smallest CAPTAN is 5 pounds and over $30 dollars. The Immunox was a different story. The guy at the Co-op didn't even TELL me the price, he instead made a phone call to find out if there was a generic brand for me. There was! It was much cheaper! - only $80 dollars for the smallest package....

I said skip that, thanks.

By the way. Did you hear that the price of food is expected to rise 40% over the next decade? That's why we're peddling so hard now!

I did make one purchase that I did not expect. They have apparently come out with a Sevin XLR or something like that, and the co-op recommended I get it. It has a duration of 2 weeks, even through hard rains. As it is right now, we have to run out every time it sprinkles and respray with regular Sevin. This ought to save money in the end, as well as time.

I also asked if I could mix the CAPTAN with the Sevin, and the Ag Ext office said 'Yes". That's good. Now I don't have to juggle spraying, and I am hoping the CAPTAN will last longer, mixed in with the XLR as well.

I am so far from my hopes and dreams of organic food any more. But this is war!!!

Did you know, that if you put on 3-D glasses in preparation to watch "Meet the Robinsons" on TV, and discover that it is not going to be shown in 3-D and you leave the glasses on for about 15 minutes anyway, your mind eventually adjusts your vision to begin to balance the two different colors?

Furthermore, did you know that when you take OFF those glasses, after wearing them for about 15 minutes, then you alternately close your left and right eyes, you will see more red in the eye that had the blue lens, and more blue in the eye that had the red lens?

Not that I did that or anything. I'm just sayin'...

Here is our 2/3 of the way done point in the vineyard. Each one of these rows took an hour, and there are fourteen of them.

WooHoooooo! All done! Again. Until next time....

Still shopping for disease resistant grapes!




  1. Wow.... What a workout! And all I did was read about it!!! I am looking for some grape leaves for when I try to make lacto fermented pickles in a few weeks. Sure wish you lived closer!

  2. I hope you get tons of grapes as hard as your are working on these! That is crazy

  3. Wow! You are just full of useful information today. lol

  4. Oh, i hope the CAPTAN works for you, too bad that immunox is so expensive. I looked it up and i'm not sure i'm looking at the same thing.
    the link that one member posted to Amazon has an immunox product with a reasonable price. Now i don't see where it says how much physical coverage the item provides, perhaps you would need multiple bottles where one would last me a couple years. Its probably available at stores.
    But it is good to know about those products, i expect to keep some on hand for my attempt at grape growing.

  5. Cyn,

    You are always doing something interesting! I have definitely got leaves to spare. LOL

    I've got a few fermentation books, but no time to use them as yet. Fermented foods are such a great way to add strength to your system.


  6. SM,

    You and me both! LOL


  7. SFG,

    Yup. Up to the minutes vital news and information on a near-daily basis. :oP


  8. Icebear,

    Spectracide - that's a very common brand at local stores. I will check that out. The Ag Ext lady said I would find it at the Co-op, so I didn't even think it was a common brand. Thanks for the tip!

    I've decided gardening is never the same between to different places. The comments of results of that forum are similar to my own. Whatever I find that works for one person, does not always work for the other. Either each place is different, or we are all simply hitting and missing on luck and are paying for nothing... Either one is slightly unnerving. lol



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