Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Great Season is Upon Us.


The season of friends coming along to pick berries. We are all looking forward to some trips to the blueberry farm again this year, but to jump start things off, Michael and I have been sharing our cherries and gooseberries.

We had some company over on Thursday morning to pick.

I'm thinking the gooseberry bushes are on the decline, so I really need to take cuttings this winter so I can propagate new bushes for next year. Though it doesn't take too many bushes to satisfy us, it's so nice to have them to share.

Then we went down and picked cherries and had pit spit contests. Here was the undisputed champion at probably near 20 feet. I could not even get close.

Yay, cherries!

Then Michael's friend stayed, as we would all join up later.

And another stayed and got sucked into an eggplant project. We chatted, we dipped and fried, and we ate.

Later that night, we got to enjoy these delicious round scones, complete with cherries. So moist and delicious!

Some of the girls enjoying chatting.

Examining a new machine.

And when the guys came back we said goodbye. Imagine the Walton's, and one can kind of see how our goodbye's go, as we all try to remember who we already hugged. I snapped the backwards shot as I was heading out the door, following some others.

Today is Shabbat, and we can sure use it. We are plumb tuckered out. The only adventure I want to have today is a nap, a swim, some slow meanders around the fields, and maybe seeing if I can turn a delicious pound cake I made yesterday into some form of Biscotti.

Happy Shabbat!




  1. I LOVED the Walton's! The best part was at the end when they all said their good night's! Ha! My sis in law came to the door the other day to pick up a dozen eggs and I had on a simple peasant dress with a huge apron over it....she called me "Mrs. Walton"! I think it was quite a compliment!
    Dang it! I sure wish we were neighbors!

  2. Cyn,

    Even as a teen, I remember saying that I wanted my future children to have the life of the Waltons and the opportunities of the Rockefellers.

    My mother said that was not possible. I'm thinking she may have been right. LOL

    I love the dress and apron you were wearing, and I haven't even seen it. :o) Do you also long for a Dutch door, like me? I have always envisioned a beautiful white, wide Dutch door off the kitchen, and leaning out calling that baked goods are ready for eating.



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