Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thrills, Chills, and Spills


CHILLS ~ It was actually a little chilly at times yesterday. We LOVED it! When you've got all this hard work to do in the spring, it sure is nice to not be in summer-like temperatures for a change.

THRILLS ~ We finally got the first half of the garden beds covered in old hay for mulch. We got to where we could, for the most part, lift an entire round bale and put it into the little trailer. They are smaller ones, and being rotted a bit, they are not so big, but it sure saved time and got our trips to pick them up and offload them down to about 20 or 30 minutes each.

Now we just have to finish planting the beds. Today!

THRILL TWO ~ Michael is now battling contact dermatitis along with me. Ah, the pleasures of woodsy undergrowth!

We also need to apply the mulch to the herb garden. The early lettuce bed is taken care of so far. I hope the cooler soil and additional moisture retention will encourage sweeter leaves than they've been producing. But these, in combination with the very light and sweet leaves from the bed I planted under the woods, make really wonderful salad greens.

SPILLS ~ Another hour of strawberry picking, could have been less but my feet were so tired it felt like longer.

Michael had gone on before me and, when I arrived, I found he had been awfully, AWFULLY, choosy about the quality of the berries he kept.

That's him, trying to look ashamed.

My lovage is going all crisp on me. Wonder why....?

You think you've gotten away with your lackadaisical berry picking, don't you!

What comes around, goes around. LOL

Nothing like picking them twice!

We called it quits early to meet some friends at the theater for Cheap Tuesday, and saw "How to Train Your Dragon" ~ really enjoyable movie!

Heading back over to process all those berries into the freezer...




  1. Your garden looks very nice! I plan on having strawberry beds whenever we move into our new house. You COULD just send some to me. lol

  2. Your clover sure grows some lovely berries!

    Wow, that is a lot of mulch you two have dragged in. If effort counts for anything when it comes to gardening, you'll have a bumper crop of fruits and veggies this year.

    You may be overrun in fact! lol

  3. I was so worried about you guys getting into those tall weeds. I hope it goes away quick.

    If you have ribbed plantain in your area...or any plantain it would not hurt to add that to your treatment plan;

    berries: there are eatin berries and then there are jam berries. unless they are rotten mushy, they are jam berries!! Paybacks really are something.

  4. SFG,

    If I get some runners, I may do that. They put out TONS of them the first year, not so many after that.

    But you really can't beat strawberries. They produce like crazy for not too much work, considering.

    When ARE you moving in?


  5. Icebear,

    Yeah, don't they? LOL I'm thinking of putting a patent on my clover and selling it. I'll make a fortune. :o)

    I hope you are right. I'm wishing I had plant starts now. I think I'm going to try to get to starting some today. That mulch is so thick. I did plant some seeds in it, but when I got to the lettuce seeds... I caved in fear.


  6. SM,

    Plantain... I know this. So why do I never remember it? LOL Thanks for the reminder. I'll have Michael chew some up and dress his spot today. He'll have green legs.

    We have a problem. We don't eat much jam or jelly at all. So we are eating a lot of fresh and frozen berries.



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