Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday Morning Excitement!


If you all remember our pool story from last year, here is our update. We didn't like the Easy Set pool.

We only used it a few times. It did not fit against the deck, so it looked bad and we could not use the deck with the pool except for climbing on and off, walking around to the lower side and climbing up and down the ladder over there.

I was really hard to clean, and even harder for the two of us to take down, dry and store for the winter.

So much so that neither one of us wanted to put it back up this year. Every day, when we have worked in the heat, we have looked up longingly where our pool used to be and, eyes glazed as if we were seeing a mirage, would stand and remember how luscious it used to feel to jump in when we were so hot; how we'd look forward to the end of the work day for a cool swim.

Out of desperation we began wondering about buying one of those pools at Wal Mart, but we really did not want to spend the money. Well, Friday morning I was digging around for lowest of the lowest prices online and, on a whim, I went to Craigs List.

I found THIS! It had been posted only hours before I found it.

Complete, the spitting image of the pool we had that had broken while we'd been gone, and it was for sale for only 200 dollars WITH a brand new liner in a box! WooHOOOO!

I called our dear friends to come and help, and wonder of wonders, they could come over with their truck AND help us tear it down to bring home.

It was a great day. We had a wonderful drive on the country roads, stopping for drinks at a cute gas station that looked like a log cabin home, and deciding we would go back for ice cream after our labors.

It took five of us over two hours to dismantle it.

Including chasing out a very disconcerted bull frog.

We've still got to get the pool up, but we are really excited about this! Cool! However, this sudden change of the plans made us run a little late for a home school graduation ceremony for a sweet and dear friend of ours.

Look at those caps fly!

Lots of food there, and then off to continue the celebration. New kittens almost stole the graduate's star status however. These two cuties have no tails.

Congratulations! So pleased to know you and see you embark on this great adventure!




  1. Yay! A pool! I have been wondering (and a little worried)what you two were going to do this summer without a good pool. Glad to know you will have a nice sturdy one again since you both work so hard.

    Congratulations to the Graduates!!! May God bless their futures. :-)

    ...and cute kitties!!!

  2. Icebear,

    I've heard it can actually be a bit warm and muggy in Maine, as well, or at least New York, which seems awfully close to Maine to me. LOL

    ~Faith (the travel-challenged)


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