Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More To This Life...

... than mulching. I hope - eventually. It's the slogging through tedious work over a long period of time to reach a goal that teaches us patience and virtue and diligence and all that sort of stuff. So this mulch is actually molding my character; making me a better person.

At least that's how I choose to look at it.

Michael found another location of moldy oldy hay the neighbor had told us about, so off we went. I love having my breath taken away almost daily by the skies around here. Almost always something beautiful going on over our heads.

Heading out the driveway, above the herb beds.

And hitting the road...

Yup, lines are still there. But fading. I hope they repaint them again, or I might just have to run out there with a few cans of spray paint. But it might take a while.

Show Off!

The woods are gorgeous.

And now a spot of sun.

Michael's head leads the way.

Hmmmm... hope that grass is dry enough.

A little still life.

Anyone hear the Little House on the Prairie theme?

Our quarry.

Why, oh, why do I take so many pictures?

Back to helping Michael. Not as much poison ivy here.

We got about 4 or 5 loads like this yesterday.

The wild blackberries are always a couple of weeks earlier than our cultivated berries.

And when we go outside lately, there is this heavenly perfume of honeysuckle that permeates the air all around. It grows everywhere and it's always fun to stop and sip some nectar.

Show Off!

Here are the results of our mulching labors so far.

And what we need to finish today, plus the herb beds as well, I hope.

Yikes, the weeds are already coming in thick where we've not had time to build garden beds!

So we better get at it!



  1. You two are hard workers - wonderful landscape where you live!

  2. Thanks, Chai Chai. It really is lovely here. From what I understand, much of the US looks like way, east of the Mississippi river. Coming from in the dry west, it's like Paradise to us.



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