Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting Ready for the Barn Dance!


Our last barn dance was held for New Year's Day. And hooooooooooo-BOY! The weather pulled a fast one on us! We had a grand time, but it was scary cold that night.

This time is going to be different. Nearly perfect weather.

And our friends really did an amazing thing while winter and the first part of spring sauntered past. They built a second floor in their barn. It's incredible, but I'm not posting pics yet as I want it to be a surprise to some who are going but haven't seen it yet.

Michael and I went over after our office cleaning and window washing jobs to help with the cleaning and set up.

Here's the stairs and floor where it used to be completely open to the roof. Wait til you see it!

I sneaked in some shots of his beautiful street rod.

We swept, carried chairs, put in festive light strings and jar candles, all while having a blessed time just being together.

As the sun set on this 85 degree day...

Elaine took me on a cruise to see their orchard and blueberry patch at the back of their property.

I tell you, after working up a sweat in the barn...

...the wind in our hair felt TERRIFIC!

We rode past the garden area. Gary is a great gardener!

And found that our orchards are in the same state of establishment.

I just love visiting their place.

It's one of the prettiest places around here!




  1. Oh man - I can't wait for tonight to come! I can't wait to see the new floor on the barn! Why do you keep us in suspense? :-)

    See you tonight!

  2. It definitely is beautiful.

    Dance with your heart tonight. I just know its going to be a great time.

    I love the look of new lumber.

  3. how beautiful! Will you please tell them I am up for adoption and want to live in their barn!

  4. Kasie,

    Anticipation is always exciting, and I'd love your life to be filled with it. LOL

    Looking forward to seeing you graduate this Friday! :o)


  5. Sissy,

    Me too. And the smell. It smelled like fresh sawn wood. :o)


  6. SM,

    I will let them know, but I'm first! LOL



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