Sunday, May 2, 2010

As It Turns Out... Sunday April 2, 2010


There was another puppy. The neighbor found it. It had missed being road kill, but that might have been merciful.

He kills them. There are three ways he goes about doing this; either by drowning, using them for target practice, or dog training - meaning they become prey.

Spay and neuter, please?


It was a warm and muggy day here. Early in the morning a turkey hen made her way nearly up to the lawn. She must be still looking for a mate. She comes out of the woods down by the compost bins, and this time walked all the way up through the orchard before veering off into the meadow by the fence charging unit.

Speaking of the fence charging unit...

Saturday we had storms expected, so we did what was advised in the manual, we unplugged the fence before we went to bed, and then got up this morning to plug it in again. Before we made our way to town, I made a quick check of the garden, only to find that there were horse tracks ALL over the whole place! The vegetable garden, the herb garden, the orchard - all around the perimeter of the enclosed pasture for the horses.

The horses were both inside the pasture. Apparently Ginny had jumped out, and then jumped back in again. I've never seen her jump before, much less a fence! Two scary things - she knows exactly when the fence is not electrified, and she now jumps. So we were running a little late by the time we'd finished checking that out.

We were kept amply busy with two office cleanings and a window washing job. We were pretty tired through the whole thing, and we didn't make it to church.

We sufficed it by listening to some really great messages on our iPods while we worked. Sometimes I do like technology.

Coming home late in the evening we added another strand to the fence, bringing the top to about her eye-level. I hope that discourages her enough.

We've had a broody hen for a while and some of her and her friends' eggs have begun to hatch.

She was up here on the wall nests, which obviously need more hay.

So Michael moved her down into this cage. If we hadn't locked her in, she'd have left her eggs and tried to go back into the wall nest to sit there. Chickens are creatures of habit.

Looking forward to seeing those chicks running around the chicken yard!




  1. You have got to unplug the electric fence and get a picture of the jumping. lol. Love the baby chicks pictures too.

  2. SFG,

    Stealth shooting. LOL


  3. I'm sure the police could fix your puppy killing neighbor. Seriously disturbed.

    I'm Alyse, btw, I've been reading your blog for awhile, never commented. :)

  4. Hi Alyse,

    If I catch him, I can do that. But I can only go by what he has told me he has done. However, you made me look up laws for my state and I just realized that I could have turned him in for shooting my chickens...

    I didn't know that. I had been told by people around here that he could do that if they were on his property.

    I don't know if I would have, but it's good to know the law is different than what I was told by the locals.

    The neighbor actually works for the city and has friends he hunts with... Sort of a good ol' boy network. That is slowly changing, but you still see it.

    I'm glad you stopped by!



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