Monday, May 10, 2010

Barn Dance


I thought I'd share some photos of the barn that our friends put a lot of work into. On the outside it looks like so many of the older barns in this area that are still in use.

When they bought this acreage to build their home, it was pretty much bare, except for this barn, which was almost invisible behind trees and forest undergrowth. It took a lot of clearing to get it visible and usable.

The last time we had a barn dance here we had cleared off the new cement floor and enjoyed a New Years Day dance. But this time was going to be different because we were going to be dancing on the new second floor.

Nice lighting for work below now.

And this was an added bonus. To make room for a future car lift, the ceiling is raised here. What do you do with that?

Build a stage, of course! Right in your barn!

Let's head up the stairs and have a look.

Minnie greets you as you enter.

After a few lights are added for sparkle, here is stage!

We spent a couple of hours hanging lights, sweeping, arranging chairs and tables, and doing other preliminary stuff.

The cool 'found' antiques added so much character to this wonderful place.

So on Saturday, we spent a bit of time just resting and enjoying our Shabbat before I make a few dishes to take to the dance.

The crock pot of jalepeno cheese dip and chips was popular last time, so I made that again.

I need to use up the gooseberries in the freezer because gooseberry season is going to be on top of us before we know it.

Here's a nice tart gooseberry recipe that I used. I was wishing I'd taken the time to show the recipe on here, as the directions on this sheet leave something to be desired for beginner bakers.


Then we also got out a huge bag of last year's blackberries and made this triple batch of blackberry cobbler. I used a recipe already posted in this blog last year which you can likely find by clicking on the tags for blackberries or recipes.

While it was baking, I picked a vase full of wildflowers and herbs to take and decorate the table.

I knew the cobbler would take longer to bake, but I did not anticipate a 2 and a half hour baking time. So we were running a little late by the time we got out there to set up that evening.

We enjoyed the drive anyway.

I have to almost pinch myself whenever I go outside. We live in such a beautiful area.

We hurriedly set up.

And Minnie was placed at the top of the stairs to say hello. Apparently you either love or hate Minnie. I love Minnie down here at the barn. I think she fits right in!

Soon, the rest began arriving. And I was so amazed by this barn, I wanted to catch the looks on their faces when they saw it too.

The tables were now utterly laden with good eats, and the music began. Several of our good friends were not able to make this dance, and we missed them. But we met new friends and enjoyed them very much.

The day was mild, and the night grew a little cool, but we were pretty comfortable when dancing or had a blanket over our laps. Perfect.

The lighting was very difficult to photograph with, and most of the shots came out very dark, especially those in dark clothing are barely visible. But here are a few scenes as the night wore on.

We even tried a little dancing on the stage.

Some live music.

Dueling violins.

Lots of eating and a little resting.

A game of musical chairs.

The last two, scrambling for the chair. The gentleman did not battle too ferociously.

Then the young adults came up with double couples waltzing. It was a little stuttered at first, but turned into something beautiful.

Then it turned into something hilarious because, I think for the first time ever we had more boys than girls, two other young men decided to cut in. Then it became a battle of repeated cut ins.

Lots of laughter as they continued to switch partners throughout the long waltz.

We had the most rambunctious dance of the Broom Waltz I've ever seen. I would have taken pictures, except I was in it. Like one young man said, it less like a dance and more like a full contact sport as the guys vied for dance partners.

Some taking breaks and staying cozy.

Thanks so much for the fun evening! Ya'll come back now, hear?




  1. The barn is beautiful! They did a wonderful job and what fun it looks like everyone had too. I'm envious, there is a HUGE cinderblock barn about 1/2 mile up the way from us and I guess at one time they had great barn dances there. Unfortunately, there was drinking a brwling and a lawsuit so no more barn dances*sigh* Why is it that people don't think you can have fun without alcohol*sigh*
    Thanks for sharing it was fun, I could almost hear the fiddle music and the square dance caller*wink*
    Blessings for your new week,

  2. That was definitely the most rambunctious Broomstick Waltz I've ever been in! It's all the guys' fault; they refused to spread out more. :-) It was a lot of fun!

    You forgot to mention that we also played "Duck, Duck Goose" on the stage! :-D LOL that was great!

  3. Kelle,

    I never understood that either. From the time I was a kid, I always felt bad for people who could not have a good time without using drugs to do it. I've always been able to enjoy most everything, even a lot of hard things. You just have to have a certain way of looking at everything.


  4. Kasie,

    I should have gotten the name of that dance right by now. ;o)

    I must have missed the game. Oh, I forgot about that. I didn't get any photos of it. Shoot!



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