Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Melon Beds and Eggplant


After a really nice Mother's Day with my parents on Sunday where I was finally able to give Mom that orchid we'd bought her, visited for a few hours, and ate a meal I cooked over there, Monday was another great work day.

It was nice and cool. Boy have I missed having cool spring days for working. Seems like we went straight from winter to summer.

We won't be able to have as many melon plants as last year but, seeing as we didn't get more than a couple of melons to eat due to the fusarium wilt, having even a few successful vines will be a big success.

We worked on the lowest two beds left at the bottom of the first side of the garden. We made them wider to accommodate larger plants. I suppose the are each about 5 feet wide.

I could not wait any longer to plant the eggplants. They were beginning to struggle in their little pots, and the flea beetles had found them on the front porch anyhow, so in they went, with lots of newspaper mulch and rocks to hold it down.

The smaller peppers are not really thriving. Maybe they need more water. I'm hoping for a local thunderstorm to hit us on Wednesday and eliminate the need to drag a hose, but we'll see.

And it's time to begin tying up tomatoes!

We left to visit friends for a little bit before Michael's gymnastics class. They gave us some scrap wood. But my plan to bring it home in the minivan was overridden by the fact that there was so much beautiful wood to bring home. They loaded it in their truck and brought it out to our place after his class.

I'm really excited about this, as now I have wood to build cold frames!

And Michael's class had a nice surprise. There were two other boys there. I hope they return.




  1. Isn't scrap wood wonderful!?

    Cold frames... i should make myself some of those too... i bet you might be able to convince your horses to help you make a couple hotbeds too.

    Hope you get some rain! I only have to drag a hose about 75 feet and that is enough of a hassle.

  2. Icebear,

    I LIVE for scrap wood!

    Well, OK, maybe not, but I sure am happy to get my hands on some. I need cold frames and bean trellises for starters.

    Yeah, if only I could get them to back in and drop their loads in methodical patterns. LOL


  3. cool wood! What a wonderful gift! I love the field photos and the wonderful garden. Put in what you can and keep working on next years raised beds and layer with mulch and manure until fall or next spring.

  4. SM,

    I'm with you. Slow and steady is going to win this race. I'm not as young as I used to be!

    I'd sure like to get rabbits going. That would be terrific to add to these beds.



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