Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finishing up the Chemise. Fall Fun.


Fall is cool.

Life is good.

Learning to do a little mending on a coat that was torn during morning chores.

I redid the the gathering on the collar, thinking I would do a better job with some tips I picked up online this morning, but after all was said and done, just doing it by eye worked out just as well, so I'm not going to bother showing what I did to redo it.

Here is a handy way, though, to keep your basted gathering stitches in place while you are getting the yoke ready to sew on. Wrap your basted threads around a pin at the end.

I had originally put the gathers all the way up inside the yoke, but after looking around at other examples in photos I found, I decided that having them as near the bottom of the yoke as I could reasonably get them while still being securely fastened was the best way to go. So I put in additional basting nearer the edge just before sewing it in.

Rather than ironing the gathers, I just crammed them tightly together for a little while. Not real scientific or sewing savvy either, I expect, but it was what I did.

Then stretching it all out later and spreading the gathers out evenly.

At first I was going to leave the neck gussets ungathered...

But decided to go ahead and gather them evenly with the rest of the neckline.

The fabric was inserted about a half inch into the yoke for sewing, and I simply ran over the other seam line already visible.

The yoke is on!

I found some spare trim to cover up the stitching that had accidentally been turned around while constructing the chemise. It's a little bride-ish, but it was the best I could find without running to town. I found a button that can pass as carved bone, and sewed a piece of ribbon to make a button loop, and that finished the bodice and neckline.

Finishing up the hemline, by double folding, ironing, and running a seam along it.

And it was done.

Except for the inner armholes, which I am not sure how to make them nice looking. I'll keep working on figuring out a solution for that.

Here's a quick shot of it on in the mirror. It fits really well, but it remains to be seen how comfortable it will be under the corset.

Now I need to focus on a cape for myself and an overcoat or cape for Michael. It's going to be cold caroling for Christmas in our Ballroom attire.




  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! By the way you're a lovely gal Miss faith!

  2. Can't wait to see everything together in all its glory! Good job! I enjoy seeing all the little steps.... :o)

  3. Shirt sleeve weather...ahhh!

    This sewing journey sure has been fun to watch. AND You are a DOLL!


  4. Kat,

    It is fun! Always best when shared with friends, as well.


  5. Linda,

    I love shirtsleeve weather. I hope your winter is not too long. And if it is, I wish you many lovely evenings by the fire, with loved ones and cocoa and great stories to tell.


  6. Hey Faith..can't comment too much on the sewing..I don't know anything about it (sorry), but the fall pics were you guys use the leaves for composting?

    One of your long lost followers..

    R Dean...

  7. Hey Dean,

    I do love leaf mold for the garden. Just pile the leaves up, keep them wet and let them compost alone for a long while until they are good and moldy. Dig them into the soil after a year or two and plants really like that.



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