Thursday, October 8, 2009

Them Are Some Big Rats!


That's what I was thinking at 4 am yesterday morning as I heard scuttling in the walls and could even FEEL the vibrations from them.

However, as the sun rose, I was relieved, sort of, to find this:

The weight of all the rainwater this week finally pulled the sukkah over onto the house, where it slowly slid down into this sorry pile you see now.

Lesson learned, either invest in building sukkah a lot sturdier, or don't try to put one up if the weather is going to be bad. We had not gotten much time in it anyway, so I was a little disappointed. But the sun came out as we were working so we spread all the fabric out to dry.

Here is the Autumn color beginning to be more noticeable lately. It feels so Autumn-like this week!

A new victim has fallen prey to our wild and keeeeeeeeerazy group of sewing and dance aficionados. She is a natural dancer!

Dorcas, dressed again for the occasion.

Having taken up a new sport this year, we've added a second model to our racing fleet.

The first model is still in use at the other dental track, but is the handle and no-wheels type.

THIS baby really flies!

And we get multi-level tracks, because this place is huge! Elevator up!

I think all places everywhere should have charming nooks about every 75 feet, don't you? After cleaning that office last week, I took the time to take a few photos in the area where it sits. Here is an alleyway. I love when old downtowns are renovated.

Early Sunday mornings are a prime time to go on a photo hunt.

We began our day yesterday with the tornado-inspired sukkah cave in, and we ended the day with getting in the car at nearly 11 pm, only to find our oil light suddenly screaming at us, "CODE RED! CODE RED!"

Bummer, can we make it to Walmart?

No, the car is overheating right now. Drat! That means we have to stop at a convenience station to check the oil. Sure enough, almost to the end of the dipstick.

Can we make it to Walmart?

Better not risk the engine... Taking the quart up to the register, the girl with tattoos and chewing gum rings it up and emits a half choke - half giggle.

"What?" I say.

"That's what you pay for convenience." $4.98

Remind me, today I need to add oil into the van from our stash here at home.




  1. Yeah that it wasn't a rat! We keep getting them under the house. I assume it is because of all of the varmits food and the fact that we live in the woods and near two creeks...but it is funny that they didn't start coming around until this year. But YUCK! I hate them. I can hear them running under the house, ignoring all of the traps,poison and glue paper I leave out..not to mention the 5 guard cats we have. I believe they are mocking me.

  2. SBF,

    They've probably got a vaudeville show down there, where they take turns getting on stage and telling jokes about the humans above. They are probably storing up all the sticky paper to nab one of your cat by Christmas. LOL

    I've never seen a rat in my life yet, except for the pet sort, and I hope I do not have any. Mice, I've had to deal with. The poison was a last resort, but I could not get them any other way. They walked right past those traps.


  3. Oh no! I'm sorry it didn't stay up! I love the pics of downtown. I enjoy living in a small town where there can still be deserted streets!

    I'm having fun dancing and sewing... don't know why I didn't jump into it before!;-D

    See you this afternoon!

  4. Your town is lovely! Thanks for sharing! I also like to see allyways turned into art.


  5. Leah,

    I love deserted streets as well. I'm a peculiar mix of introvert and extrovert, I'm thinking. LOL


  6. Linda,

    Have you seen Bubblegum alley, in San Luis Obispo, Ca.?

    They have a lot of utterly beautiful old downtown area, but this particular alley is unique from all the rest.

    (My old stomping grounds.)


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