Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Have A Confession.


I hate video games, they are limited in my home. But I have fallen victim to one.

Most people would not consider this a game, but I do. It's a ridiculous waste of my time and it's on this screen I am looking at right now, and that makes it video.


Yup, we leave it open on the PC and, at various times throughout the day, we stop by for a few moments and add on to our dream home.

It's educational in a way, you might say. True, but it's also sheer fantasy. This dream home has about 30,000 square feet, and that's NOT counting the 20 foot wrap around covered porch with complete wrap-around deck above.

But, if you need a fun distraction through the slower winter months, have at it. It's free for home use and you can have 3 plans saved.

Don't let the small size of the grid fool you. We quickly pushed the limits and found the grid expands as you build on, and on, and on....

Yesterday we went to can the last of those pears and apples I'd not gotten too. And they were way too far gone.

So the horses got some nice treats, and the compost pile is a bit larger. And my back porch is emptier.

Michael has just about gotten his school work done and we are heading out to sew with friends and practice dancing.

Here was last week's get together.

One young girl was in a wheelchair all last year. She's out of it, and dancing for her is slow and a bit shuffly, but she is having a wonderful time.

Ashlee and Elaine, at my place last week. Working on an overskirt. I had to sneak this photo!

And Leah, helping me fix my dropped loops in a knitting project for my daughter.

And would you believe this amazing sewing job! Ashlee is just learning to sew, and she was so happy with her progress on the skirt, that she went and got herself a pattern and is sewing this cute sundress, all by herself! I am ecstatic to see her discover a talent she did not know she had.

Last week I also began to try to work on this truck again.

Typical beater-type truck: can of starting fluid, and a pair of pliers to be able to open the hood, since the handle broke off.

It's so bad to leave a vehicle uncared for, but I have not been able to get to it. The tires badly need to be moved as they are developing severe flat spots.

So we got some handy old mobile home skirting sheets that I keep around for this kind of work.

And we needed to see about draining the old gas out of the tanks, as it goes bad if not used. I turned on the key to see how much gas we were going to be dealing with in the two tanks, and found that I had no power at all.

Time to drag out the charger again.

Put your red on positive, and the black on negative, then plug the charger in.

And don't let this fool you. For some reason, the charger reads full at first, then it slowly drops over the next hour or so, then begins to come back up again. I'm not convinced I have a correctly functioning charger...

Underneath the truck, I find an exhaust pipe that has broken off the muffler which is help up by baling wire.... bummer.

I do locate the two tanks, and follow the hoses coming out of them up to this little unit, of which I have no idea what it's called. Generally, I'll look this up, but I have no time at this moment, as I am desperately trying to get off to sewing again!

And that's where I THINK I will need to be working if I drain the tanks. However, I've got to get the electrical problem fixed first, and the (hopefully) charged battery is sitting on the truck cab floor, waiting for me to grace it with my presence.

Seamstress by day, grease monkey by night...




  1. Faith....do you think we will ever get all caught up with all of our projects??? I have to wonder. But I gotta tell ya...it definately keeps me going!
    Have a great day!

  2. You are one amazing person. Some of the stuff you do I wouldn't even think to try!

    Good Luck and keep on truck'n


  3. Faith,
    I know you do these sort of things because you have to, to save $$. I hold you up in prayer and in high esteem for tackling such projects with such grace. Keep your chin up and you and Ds keep delving into new projects, what better way to learn I always say.*wink* The problem I have is that I tear something apart and then to much time lapses and I've forgotten how to put it back together*sigh*, thank the Lord for Mike and his HUGE amount of patience.

    If we were closer I know Mike would lend a helping hand, with what knowledge he has, anyway*wink*, you and Ds may now know more than he does, LOL!

    Take care and {{{HUGS}}}

  4. SBF,

    Nope, not til we are dead. Then we'll really be 'caught up'. LOL

    What would we do with our time if we didn't have projects? Life is anything but boring! :)


  5. Linda,

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Thanks! You too, up there!


  6. Kelle,

    Yup, it's true.

    And the part about forgetting how to put it all back together is a big one for me as well. I seem to have to relearn a lot of things.

    I take a lot of pictures, and that helps me have a record of what I need to know, a picture being worth a thousand words!


  7. You are an amazing woman! We have a 'beater' truck that looks just about like that one. Only ours is a bright orange. I wouldn't know the first thing about working on it. Although I suppose if I HAD to .....

  8. Sharon,

    Beater trucks are a gift. You don't have to stress over a scratch, or a dent, you can just put them to work.

    Besides, nothing beats hopping out of one of these dolled up in high heels to stop at the feed store, you know? LOL



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